JCF review panel takes shape

The Kennel Club has confirmed that those Kennel Club Members who are taking forward the AGM proposal to carry out an assessment of the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) have now put forward the following names to sit on the review panel, which have been endorsed by the Kennel Club Board. In each case, the community which the candidate is to represent is also listed.

  • David Alcorn – established judge
  • David Bell – general championship show
  • Prof Terry Desombre – numerically small breed
  • Pat Dufty – open show
  • Mike Gadsby – judge/exhibitor
  • Nick Gourley – numerically small breed
  • Steve Hall – general championship show
  • Sue Harris – established judge
  • Alan Hedges – Kennel Club Accredited Trainer
  • Ronnie Irving – numerically strong breed
  • Pam Marston-Pollock – Breed Education Coordinator
  • Irene McManus – open show
  • Debbie Stansbury – open show
  • Cathy Thompson-Morgan – Breed Education Coordinator

Invitations to be part of the panel have been issued and responses are awaited. The Kennel Club has also confirmed that, in addition to the above names, it is intended to appoint a candidate to represent novice judges. To this end, the Kennel Club has requested that interested parties send in their application by July 30.

It is planned that the first meeting of the review panel will take place in August when Tony Allcock OBE, Kennel Club Chairman, and Dr Ron James, Chairman of the Judges Committee, will also be in attendance.

All queries regarding the JCF should be directed to our JCF email address.