JCF review panel members confirmed

The 14 judges so far invited to serve on the panel formed to carry out a review of the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) have all accepted their invitation, the Kennel Club has confirmed.

The panel members, the community they represent and their contact details are as follows:

Panel delegate

Community represented

Contact details

David Alcorn

Established judge

Email David Alcorn 

David Bell

General championship show

Email David Bell

Prof Terry Desombre

Numerically small breed

Email Terry Desombre

Pat Dufty

Open show

Email Pat Duffy

Mike Gadsby


Email Mike Gadsby

Nick Gourley

Numerically small breed

Email Mike Gadsby

Steve Hall

General championship show

Email Steve Hall

Sue Harris

Established judge

Email Sue Harris

Alan Hedges

KC Accredited Trainer

Email Alan Hedges

Ronnie Irving

Numerically large breed

Email Ronnie Irving

Irene McManus

Open show

Email Irene McManus

Debbie Stansbury

Open show

Email Debbie Stansbury

Pam Marston-Pollock

Breed Education Coordinator

Email Pam Marston-Pollock 

Cathy Thompson-Morgan

Breed Education Coordinator

Email Cathy Thompson-Morgan

Those wishing to supply feedback on the JCF are asked to address this to one of the above panel members representing the particular community group.

The panel has been formed as a result of a resolution passed at the Kennel Club AGM in May of this year that the JCF be placed on hold pending a complete assessment of the scheme by an independent review body.

The objectives of the review group and the terms of reference of the review were listed in a recent Kennel Club announcement which can be accessed online. Also contained in this announcement was an initial list of questions which are to be answered during phase 1 of the review.

At the time of writing, there is one more vacancy to fill, for a novice judge, to which end the Kennel Club has advertised asking for interested parties to make an application by July 30 so that this community, which is absolutely vital to the future of dog shows, has its views heard along with all the other communities.

The Board has also approved the establishment of a robust Kennel Club consultation for the JCF which will be open to all involved in pedigree dog shows. This along with the work of the review panel will inform the Board’s decisions on the future education and training of dog show judges. Further details of this consultation will be released in due course.

The first meeting of the review panel is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21 August at the Kennel Club in London. However, this does not mean that those wishing to forward their views to panel members must do so by this date; further meetings will be held, details of which will be announced later.