Ralph the Beagle becomes a calendar cover star

A Beagle called Ralph who ended up in rescue due to his behaviour towards other dogs has been helped to overcome his issues and has now won a competition to become the cover star of the Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar 2019. 

Ralph, who came into Beagle Welfare in March 2017 due to being very reactive to other dogs was slowly introduced to the resident dogs and over time he began to interact in a positive manner. Karen Purdon from Beagle Welfare said; “One of our volunteer dog walkers started taking Ralph out on more and more walks and found that he started to respond amazingly to other dogs and became much better at meeting and greeting different dogs. We were delighted that he improved so much that we could rehome Ralph where we understand he has continued to go from strength to strength. Beagle Welfare are very pleased that Ralph will be on the front of the Kennel Club Breed Rescue 2019 calendar.”

Proud owners Susan and John Maher from Dorset, said: “Ralph is amazing, we could not be happier with him. He is such a happy little dog and everyone who meets Ralph falls in love with him, and if they don’t, he soon makes sure they do! We were so delighted to hear that Ralph has been chosen to be the new cover star of the Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar, it is much deserved!”

The calendar features images of rescue dogs that were submitted by Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations for a competition run by the Kennel Club to find worthy models to illustrate each month of the year. The 2019 calendar also features the following breeds: Chinese Crested, Bedlington Terrier, Bearded Collie, Whippet, Golden Retriever, French Bulldog, Irish Setter, West Highland White Terrier, Greyhound, Akita and Brittany.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The dogs in the Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar have had their lives transformed by loving and caring owners and the rescue organisations who find them their new homes, and we are thrilled to be able to showcase them.

“Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations do such fantastic work with thousands of dogs being rehomed a year and we hope the calendar will help to encourage people to consider rescuing a purebred dog who needs a permanent home, whilst also raising money for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which supports and funds rescue and rehoming organisations.”

All of the rescue organisations with dogs featured in the calendar will receive £50 from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, and Beagle Rescue as the overall winner of the competition will receive £100.

The Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar will be on sale for £5 through the Kennel Club online shop via www.thekennelclubshop.org.uk/products/breed-rescue-calendarfor the rest of the year. All proceeds go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust to ‘make a difference for dogs’.

The other dogs featured in the 2019 Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar are:


Buddy - Chinese Crested Club of GB Rescue

Buddy came into Chinese Crested Club of GB rescue as a nine month-old puppy because he kept escaping - so he is known as the Hairless Houdini! Since being re-homed, Buddy has been socialised, trained and has passed bronze, silver and gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards. He continues to attend weekly obedience classes, and has performed some agility and heelwork to music.  Buddy is very playful and enjoys meeting 'his' public when he helps to raise money for the rescue at fundraising events. Nothing ever seems to faze him – from the crowds at Crufts, to the planes flying overhead at Discover Dogs. His owners say he is the best dog ever.


Benji & Taffy - Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation

These two young boys came to Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation due to their owner's ill health. They had been together most of their lives and were very dependent on each other. With the help of rescue supporters and social media, a home was found where they could stay together. They now enjoy canicross and are working towards their Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver award. You could say they have very definitely landed on their paws!


Clyde - Beardies in Need

Rescued through Beardies in Need at 15 weeks old due to no fault of his own, Clyde had been left alone a lot without the care he needed.  Clyde is now two years old and is an amazing, happy, friendly dog. He is always smiling and loves nothing more than catching frisbees and balls with our other dogs. He has so much love to give that his new owners feel truly blessed that they have him in their lives.


Treacle - JR Whippet Rescue

Treacle is 13 and a half years old and arrived at JR Whippet Rescue just before her 10th birthday. She was quite poorly when she arrived and required 12 weeks of vet care and a lot of TLC. By this time the fosterer had fallen in love with her sweet nature and lovely temperament, so decided to adopt her. Three years on and it is still the best decision ever made.


Huey - North West Golden Retriever Club

Before coming into rescue, Huey had been living in a very small, crowded house where he was mainly kept outside, even at night.  He was extremely nervous and hated car journeys. He has been with his new owners now 15 months and has become a well-balanced, good looking and happy Golden Retriever. Through their patience and understanding, his owners have been rewarded with a wonderful addition to their family.  Huey has one remaining hang up – coming in from the garden at night, he still thinks he has to sleep outside.


Beau - Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

Beau is quite the diva – she likes sunshine, travel and lots of attention. Having been rescued earlier this year by a large family, she is completely at home as there is always someone around to entertain her.  Beau has a particular love of camping holidays, when she will sneak into sleeping bags at night, and by day she cannot resist taking a peek into the other tents on the campsite.

JULY and cover star!

Ralph - Beagle Welfare

Ralph came to Beagle Welfare in March 2017 because he was very reactive to other dogs. He was slowly introduced to the resident dogs and, over time, Ralph began to interact. One of the volunteer dog walkers started taking Ralph out on walks and he responded amazingly and was soon much better at meeting and greeting other dogs.  Two months later Ralph was re-homed and he goes from strength to strength. His new owner couldn't be happier with him – everyone who meets Ralph falls in love with him, and if they don’t, he soon makes sure they do.


Reggie & Ronnie - Irish Setter Rescue & Rehome

Reggie and Ronnie are brothers who arrived at Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome at the age of 12 weeks in a very poor state. Ronnie was the stronger of the two, but Reggie was so ill that his chances of survival were slim.  Thankfully they are now both happy and healthy. Although they live separately, they meet up occasionally, both to their delight and that of their setter loving families.


Dexter - Westie Rescue Scheme

Dexter came into rescue in January 2018 when he was one year old. Fortunately he was soon successfully rehomed and now leads a very full life. He is well known in his new home town, meeting up with doggy friends in the park, and going to work with his owner. Dexter is an excellent and very enthusiastic receptionist, tirelessly welcoming all visitors. When he is not at the office he will excitedly watch and wait at the window for his owners’ return, and then greet them with the unconditional love that he brings to their home.


Milo - Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary

Milo first came to the rescue as a puppy, together with his parents and brother. Although he was soon re-homed, he developed health issues seven years later and returned to rescue. He has had various tests but the reasons for his condition remain unclear. However, with medication and specialist care, he now lives happily by the sea with one of the rescue centre staff members.


Tara - Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust

As a puppy, Tara was confident and mischievous, with a heart full of love and affection. As she has grown up, these characteristics have grown with her and Tara’s friendly nature and zest for life holds no bounds. At times, her doting owners wish her batteries would run down a little! Tara has playdates with her sibling, Storm, and other Akita family members in a secure dog play field. She now has a new brother called Sirus, who was also adopted from Akita Rescue. Needless to say, Tara runs Sirus ragged and the pair are inseparable. Fortunately they are surrounded by plenty of countryside where they live in the Yorkshire Dales, so life could not be more ideal for Tara and her family. 


Ella - Brittany Club of GB

When Ella came into rescue she was very timid and wary of everyone. Ella needed to learn how to trust people, as she evidently felt unwanted and unloved. Since being re-homed she has grown in confidence daily and is now loyal, energetic and, above all, makes people smile.  Ella and her new family are perfectly suited as they enjoy the outdoor life together. But when she gets home, she just adores a cuddle…..the ideal dog!