Changes to Kennel Club Board

Mr Simon Luxmoore, Chairman of the Kennel Club, has resigned from his post.  In the meantime, Mr Steve Croxford will assume Mr Luxmoore’s responsibilities with immediate effect, until the Board confirms interim arrangements.

Mr Mark Cocozza has resigned from his role as Chairman of the Kennel Club Disciplinary Committee and will continue as Chairman of the Kennel Club Finance Committee, and Mr Jeff Horswell has resigned as Chairman of the Kennel Club Judges’ Competency Framework Working Party. The committees will elect chairmen to these committees in due course.

These actions (the resignations) have been taken reluctantly and with deep regret by Simon Luxmoore, Mark Cocozza and Jeff Horswell in the hope of bringing an end or at least minimising the damage being done to the Kennel Club - an organisation they hold dear and to which they have given unstinting and dedicated service - by media coverage of these matters, which were intended to be managed within a fair and even handed SGM process.

Mr Luxmoore, Mr Cocozza and Mr Horswell will remain on the Kennel Club Board. Further details will be announced in due course.