Change to agility regulations

The Kennel Club has recently approved the following change to the regulations for agility.

The below regulation has been amended to account for instances where a dog competing in the large height category may have been requested to have an additional measurement. The amendment has clarified that where a dog had been measured, an additional measurement could be requested. However, if the dog had commenced competing without entering the measuring process it would not be possible for it to be subject to an additional measurement.

The amended regulation will be included in the regulation booklets as of 1 January 2019, however, the regulation in principle will be followed with immediate effect.

Amendment to Regulation H(1)(B)4.(11)


An additional measurement may be requested by the Kennel Club or a Kennel Club approved Championship Agility Judge. The dog in question must have already had its final official Kennel Club measurement. The Judge need not be officiating on the day the additional measurement is requested but must be in attendance at the Show. No fee will be required from either the Judge or the handler/owner. Any Large dog which has not been through the measuring process shall not be eligible for an additional measurement.

(Insertion underlined.)