Kennel Club invites applications for heelwork to music Crufts qualifying heats in 2019

The Kennel Club has announced that from 1st January 2019 it will be looking to increase the number of Crufts qualifying heats for both heelwork to music (HTM) and freestyle from 10 to 12.

In order to be eligible, societies must be Kennel Club registered and have held a HTM competition between 1st January 2016 and 1st January 2018. Applications should include details of the society’s committee structure and their competition management team, as well as provide information on the proposed competition venue, stating the facilities available for judges, competitors, dogs and spectators. They should also submit their intended competition date, which must not coincide with another HTM competition, and the venue must be able to accommodate a ring size of at least 20 x 15 metres.

Applications should be submitted to Chris Potter in the Working Dog Activities Team at the Kennel Club, via email by 29 March 2018.

The Kennel Club also wishes to advise competitors that Fylde K9 Dancers has relinquished its Crufts qualifying heat, for both HTM and freestyle, with effect from 2018. In the interests of competitors not missing out on a chance to qualify for Crufts, permission has been granted for Forest Oak (Gloucestershire) Canine Society to hold a Crufts qualifying heat in 2018, on 14th April. Please send an email for further details.