Kennel Club Consults Exhibitors and Show Societies on Proposed Changes to Show Regulations

The Kennel Club has issued a consultation document on its website in relation to proposed changes to show regulations to allow dogs to be entered in variety classes without having to enter a breed class, and to allow beaten dogs declared best of breed to compete in group and best in show competitions.

Following a review of all comments received over many months on the above topics, amendments to Kennel Club regulations are now proposed for consideration. To summarise, the proposed amendments to the F regulations give effect to the current suspension of regulations to allow:

  • Dogs to be entered into variety classes without having been entered or competing in a breed class.
  • Dogs declared Best of Breed or Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified and beaten in variety classes, to continue to challenge for Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show and Best in Group and Best in Show respectively.

It is also proposed that the eligibility for Best Puppy in Show at open shows be changed to reflect that of championship shows i.e. only puppies eligible to challenge are those declared Best Puppy in Breed or Best AVNSC Puppy.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Kennel Club has been most grateful to those exhibitors and show societies which have already given feedback on the relaxation of show regulations in relation to stakes classes and also ‘beaten’ dogs. This information has proven invaluable to the working party and we are now ready to look at the changes to the regulations which will need to be made when the period of relaxation is over. This is everyone’s chance to have their say, so we are hoping for a good response.”

The Dog Show Promotion Working Party has issued the document for consultation. Any comments should be emailed to us with the subject line ‘Show Regulation changes’. Please be sure to include reference to the relevant paragraph number and respond no later than 28th April 2017. These comments will then be referred to the working party for its consideration. The intention is for the new regulations to be effective for shows held on or after 1st January 2018.