Working Party Dedicated to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Hearts

Following a meeting convened by the Kennel Club with representatives of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed clubs and the Veterinary Cardiology Society, progress has been made in developing a working party to review and improve the heart screening of the breed within the UK.

The working group will review the current breed club scheme within the UK and ways in which it can collect information more robustly to a stage where it meets criteria where the results may be recorded on the Kennel Club database and be published on the Health Tests Result Finder, alleviating the need to submit echocardiograms to Denmark.

As previously announced,  the Kennel Club has agreed to record the results of the Danish heart scheme, so for any dogs that have participated in the scheme their results will be recorded on the Kennel Club system and published on the Health Test Results Finder.