Breeders’ Competition Makes Welcome Return to Crufts

The Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition will take place at Crufts on Saturday 11th March 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham and be judged by Anne Macdonald, breeder of the Mabrooka Salukis.

This event, sponsored by Eukanuba, was absent from Crufts 2016, but is making a welcome comeback at the show this year as a stand-alone competition where entries were limited to 60 teams and accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Each team will comprise three or four dogs of one breed, all bred by the same breeder or breeding partnership.

The 56 teams confirmed as competing at Crufts 2017 will be:


Afghan Hound, Misses C & E Millward & Mrs P Mottershaw.

Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Mr R & Mrs H Allenby.

Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Mrs E Thornton.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit), Mr P & Mrs D Reid.

Basset Hound, Mr M & Mrs D Ellrich.

Basset Hound, Mrs T Turkia (Finland).

Borzoi, Miss H Kanoo.

Borzoi, Mrs C Häggström (Sweden).

Cirneco dell'Etna, Ms J Moore & Mr D Tricomi (Italy).

Pharaoh Hound, Mr G Reeve (fielding two teams).

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mrs C Korner (Germany).


Bedlington Terrier, Mrs Y Bannister (fielding two teams).

Border Terrier, Mrs C Dean.

Cesky Terrier, Mrs S Atter.

Irish Terrier, Miss A Bradley.

Norfolk Terrier, Miss K Hurrion.

Parson Russell Terrier, Mrs J & Mr M Baker.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Mrs C & Mr C Satherley.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Mrs J Charleton.


Dalmatian, Mr K & Mrs DL Whincup.

Japanese Shiba Inu, Mrs E Dunhill.

Keeshond, Miss D Gregory.

Lhasa Apso, Mrs M Anderson.

Lhasa Apso, Mrs M Roach.

Tibetan Spaniel, Mr G & Mrs T Quest.


Affenpinscher, Miss J Gruninger.

Chihuahua (Long Coat), Miss M Austin.

Chihuahua (Long Coat), Mrs A Baranzeck.

Japanese Chin, Mrs E Nishigaki.

Maltese, Miss N Welbourn.

Pomeranian, Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy.

Pug, Mrs A & Miss LC Hill.


Dobermann, Mrs C Smith.

German Pinscher, Mrs K Wakefield.

Newfoundland, Mr GJ & Mrs TA & Misses E & F Coldwell.

Siberian Husky, Mrs D & Mrs R Simms.


Australian Shepherd, Mr A & Mrs N Allan & Mr R Harlow.

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois), Mrs M Brett.

Border Collie, Miss J Ratcliffe.

Collie (Smooth), Miss A Lusty.

Estrela Mountain Dog, Mrs F & Mr J Almeida (Portugal).

Finnish Lapphund, Miss S Cooper.

Finnish Lapphund, Mrs T Jackson.

Finnish Lapphund, Mrs E & Mr S Short.

German Shepherd Dog, Miss K Taylor.

Samoyed, Mrs K & Miss C Prout.

Swedish Vallhund, Ms L Paterson.


English Setter, Mr M Bozier & Miss S Gwilliam.

Gordon Setter, Mr P & Mrs C Sandiford.

Lagotto Romagnolo, Mrs G Stenton.

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling), Mrs H Gibson.

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling), Miss D Anstead.

Spaniel (Field), Mrs K Shepherd & Miss A Macbain.

Weimaraner, Miss J MacLaine & Mr R Dickson.

The Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition will be pre-judged in rings 1/2 at 2pm and parade in the Genting Arena at 6.35pm on Saturday 11th March 2017 and will be just one of the many and varied activities taking place at Crufts from 9th – 12th March 2017.

Gerald King, Crufts Chairman, said: “The Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition is always a sight to behold with all the breeders’ teams competing in the main arena. We are sure this year will be no exception and we will have the added attraction this year of welcoming some teams from overseas, which highlights the international appeal of Crufts. We can think of no better place to showcase pedigree dogs and the work done by breeders to promote their breeds and stockmanship.”

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