Monitoring of German Shepherd Dog Classes at Championship Shows

The monitoring of German Shepherd Dog classes at championship shows by Kennel Club field officers will start with immediate effect, the Kennel Club has announced.

This monitoring will focus in the first instance on the show society’s use of the previously agreed and published escalation procedure to enforce the Kennel Club’s regulation on double handling. 

Shows will be selected on a random basis and two Kennel Club field officers will attend each show. They will arrive before judging starts and will stay until the completion of judging. On arrival, the field officers will introduce themselves to the show manager/secretary and will brief the relevant show officials, judges and ring stewards on their responsibilities to curtail double handling at the show.

The field officers will also ask to see the contract paperwork of all judges officiating at the show to ensure that they are under contract to abide by Kennel Club regulations and that they will adhere to the escalation procedure. General and group championship show societies are reminded that GSDs are to be allocated to a breed ring in a position amongst the other show rings.

Both of the above conditions were part of the undertaking documents sent to all CC clubs and societies in early 2010.

Show societies are requested to have a designated steward at ringside during judging to act as a point of contact for field officers should there be a need for the escalation procedure to be applied.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “These measures have been introduced following the Kennel Club’s announcement in July on the directives issued by the General Committee on the exhibition and judging of the breed. We feel confident that the field officers, show societies and breed clubs will work well together to their mutual benefit as well as to the benefit of all GSD exhibitors, ensuring a pleasant day out for everyone concerned.”