Canicross Recognised By The Kennel Club

Clubs interested in new canine activity offered discount

The Kennel Club has added canicross as an official Kennel Club recognised canine activity. The activity, which is already popular with dog owners across the country, is a great way to keep fit and healthy with dogs.

With 8.5 million dogs in the UK and a growing canine obesity problem, canicross is a fun and easy way for owners and their dogs to stay active and explore the great outdoors.

The Kennel Club is calling for registered or listed status clubs to sign up to the new canine activity in order to offer their members more variety for both training and competitions with their dogs.

Registered clubs can contact the Kennel Club to add canicross to their list of disciplines for free, whereas a discounted rate of £15 is being offered to existing listed status clubs who wish to register as an official canicross club.

Any clubs which are not involved with the Kennel Club, such as running clubs, are also being offered a discounted membership until 31st December 2016 when they will pay a £45 enrolment fee. From 1st January 2017 these clubs will have to pay a £90 enrolment fee to offer the discipline.

It’s easy to become a canicross listed status club, and by registering clubs can then hold official canicross events (competitions and training classes) across the country and will receive publicity through the Kennel Club database and website.

In order to take part in canicross, an owner wears a waist-belt which attaches via a two metre bungee line to the dog’s harness. Both owner and dog run, with the dog taking the front spot from start to the finish.

Anyone can take part in the activity, no matter their fitness level, and any breed of dog can join in, as long as they are registered with the Kennel Club (on either the breed register or the activity register). It also has other benefits such as making new friends for both owner and dog and creating a special bond between them.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We are very excited to recognise canicross as an official Kennel Club activity. For those who are already interested in running and who own a dog, it is an easy and fun way to keep both human and canine fit and healthy.

“We are encouraging clubs to sign up to become listed status in canicross so that they are able to offer this fantastic new activity to members. By signing up, clubs can hold registered training sessions and competitions, therefore offering more variety for their members.”

Full details about the new discipline can be found on the Kennel Club website, including advice to dog owners on how to get started in the sport and guidance to clubs and organisations which may wish to start offering this fun new sport to dog owners in their area. For more information please email our canicross team.