International Gundog League (Retriever) News

The Kennel Club has been advised that currently the IGL has no officers or committee members, due to resignations. The League is therefore without any management. If the League is to continue as a registered society it will need to address and rectify this situation as soon as possible.

To do so, a special general meeting of members is required as soon as is feasible, to appoint interim officers/committee members to manage the club until the AGM* can be held, at which elections in accordance with the constitution would take place.  Furthermore, the League  has a Championship in November and there will be urgent issues to address in this regard if it is to proceed.

[*With regard to the timing of the AGM, it would be acceptable for this to be held later than the date stated within the League's constitution, to allow adequate time for the submission of nominations and proposals, as well as the preparation, certification and advance circulation of accounts.]

Whilst the Kennel Club wishes to help the IGL to move forward, it will be a matter for the members to arrange an SGM.

The Kennel Club wishes to assist the IGL to re-establish itself. The IGL will need to hold a general meeting of members as soon as is feasible to appoint interim officers/committee members to manage the club until an AGM to conduct routine business in accordance with the constitution of the club can be held. It is appreciated that there will be numerous issues to resolve and we will continue to advise and assist as appropriate.