Breed education co-ordinators

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The Kennel Club breed education co-ordinators (known as the BECs) are administrative roles to co-ordinate all points of breed-specific education and support for judges. These co-ordinating roles are held on behalf of the breed clubs in order to support the breed club obligations under the Judges' Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges.

This section contains all the relevant information you'll need to be a breed education co-ordinator.

What is the purpose of a breed education co-ordinator (BEC)?

A breed education co-ordinator (known as the BEC) is an administrative role to co-ordinate all points of breed-specific education and support for judges up to CC awarding level. This co-ordinating role is held on behalf of the breed clubs in order to support the breed clubs’ obligations under the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges.

The BEC is, therefore, someone who will work with breed clubs/breed council to assist and monitor level 1–3 judges who wish to progress through the breed-specific judging levels, with the purpose of helping each judge to identify opportunities for them to enhance their knowledge of the breed right through to achieving level 4.

For some breeds that have large numbers of breed clubs, it may be that each breed club might wish to appoint a representative with the sole purpose of liaising with the BEC. This will ensure that all breed clubs are involved as well as creating balance in the distribution of workload. Breeds will develop a model of working that suits them.

The BEC’s role is not intended to remove the responsibility for a judge’s education process from a breed club/breed council. The BEC is a key co-ordinating role on behalf of the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges.

Who can be a Kennel Club breed education co-ordinator?
  • Someone with good administration skills, including spreadsheets, reports and a familiarity with computers would be advantageous
  • They do not necessarily need to already award CCs in that breed or actively judge the breed
  • They do not necessarily need to be a current or previous breed club committee member
  • The BEC does not necessarily have to be someone from within the breed, as this is a co-ordination role
  • Someone who is personable and approachable, who will be able to create a good rapport with both judges and members of the relevant breed clubs/councils
Please note: The Kennel Club appreciates that in numerically small breeds the BEC could act as either a mentor or observer, in addition to the role of BEC, with the permission of The Kennel Club and breed clubs, but not all three roles.
What are the responsibilities of a Kennel Club breed education co-ordinator (BEC)?
  • To identify the need for educational opportunities
  • To forward plan the breed’s education and training needs to ensure an effective process
  • To assist breed clubs in co-ordinating breed appreciation days
  • To develop the multiple-choice breed standard exams for use at breed appreciation days in line with Kennel Club guidance
  • To arrange the delivery of the multiple-choice breed standard exam to breed clubs/councils hosting breed appreciation days
  • To identify through breed clubs/breed councils and assist in the recruitment of mentors within the breed
  • To facilitate the mentoring process
  • Arrange initial introduction of the mentor to the mentee as and when required, and to monitor the mentoring process
  • To identify through breed clubs/breed councils and assist in the recruitment of observers to observe judges when required
  • To arrange for judges to be observed at the appropriate time/show
  • To assist The Kennel Club with the delivery of breed-specific assessments as required
  • To encourage breed clubs/breed council to actively promote breed supported entry shows
  • To update The Kennel Club with details of all educational activity within the breed, upon request via an annual return form
  • To provide reports to breed clubs/breed councils upon request
  • To collate and maintain records received from breed clubs/councils and judges to give an accurate record of the breed’s education of judges
  • To keep up-to-date, accurate and confidential records of all contacts made and subsequent actions taken
  • Please note: any work/material that is created during the tenure of being the BEC, all copyright is to be assigned to the breed clubs/council commissioning the work
  • To comply with data protection legislation in place (or as amended from time to time) and forward all documentation and personal data held to the relevant breed club(s) as appropriate when the position of BEC is relinquished
Once a BEC is agreed by the club/s, how do I nominate them?

Breed education co-ordinators

Click on the relevant group for your breed below, to find the contact details of your BEC.

Breed Name and email Phone number
Bracco Italiano Julie Frost  
Braque D'Auvergne Ian Sladden 07971 128361
Brittany Jenna Cocking  
English Setter Stephen Collier 01257 793426
German Longhaired Pointer Eileen Winser 01487 822366
German Shorthaired Pointer Doreen Smillie-Gray 01531 640102
German Wirehaired Pointer Jennifer Millard 01353 699043
Gordon Setter Elaine Roberts 01636 893952
Hungarian Vizsla
01379 643846
Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla
01246 418624
Irish Red & White Setter
Irish Setter Richard Bott 01757 611265
Italian Spinone Linda Mayne 01425 474951

Korthals Griffon

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Lagotto Romagnolo Hilary Male

01903 767582

Large Munsterlander R Suchett-Kaye 01623 835694
Pointer Pauline Smith 0161 338 7662
Portuguese Pointer Carol Henry 01555 812430
Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) James Newton 07305 811924
Retriever (Curly Coated) Caron Chattwood  
Retriever (Flat Coated) Victoria Goldberg 07941 001689
Retriever (Golden) Penny Gowland 07970 860622
Retriever (Labrador) Karl Gawthorpe 0114 2694089
Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) Elaine Whitehill 01235 530536

Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  

Small Munsterlander

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Spaniel (American Cocker) Tracy Harris 01908 668002

Spaniel (American Water)

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Spaniel (Clumber) Ian Layfield 01246 229933
Spaniel (Cocker) Lorraine Palmer 01724 732282
Spaniel (English Springer) Susan Aston  
Spaniel (Field) Jill Holgate 01282 865705
Spaniel (Irish Water) Angie Biggs 01695 623539
Spaniel (Sussex) Kaye Smith 01453 519059
Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Pat Butler-Holley 01226 282097
Spanish Water Dog Anthony Allen 01757 611265
Weimaraner Debbie Wallwork 01954 205640






Breed Name and email Phone number
Afghan Hound Susan Rhodes 01233 770256


Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Basenji Denise Hardy 01472 459205

Basset Bleu De Gascogne

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Basset Fauve De Bretagne
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)
Basset Hound Aileen Sharpe 01786 880259
Bavarian Mountain Hound Helen Clymer 01543 684299
Beagle Joan Lennard 01283 732377
Black and Tan Coonhound Helen Reaney 01543 684422
Bloodhound   01296 738776
Borzoi Lorraine Harvey  
Cirneco Dell'Etna Holly Taylor-Smith 07901 657825
Dachshund (all varieties) Lloyd Cross 01945 440839
Deerhound Sue Finnett  
Finnish Spitz Angela Cavill 01225 752551
Foxhound Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  

Grand Bleu De Gascogne

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Greyhound Julie Mackenzie 02083 178218

Griffon Fauve De Bretagne

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Hamiltonstovare Martin Leigh 01754 830478
Ibizan Hound Grant Carter 0121 352 1096
Irish Wolfhound Sue Cole 01733 243308
Norwegian Elkhound Marjory MacGregor  
Otterhound Helen Wayman 01452 721216
Pharaoh Hound Kirsten Holmes  
Portuguese Podengo  
Rhodesian Ridgeback Catherine Davis 01536 506799
Saluki John Walton Haddon 01709 731565
Sloughi Lisa Smith  
Whippet Pamela Marston-Pollock 01697 473606




Breed Name and email Phone number
Airedale Terrier Brian Purchon  
Australian Terrier Peter Bakewell 01283 814876
Bedlington Terrier Vivienne Rainsbury 01493 296814
Border Terrier Jayne Gillam 07926 183985
Bull Terrier (both varieties) Graham Hughes 02920 791658
Cairn Terrier Louise Peers 01452 740909
Cesky Terrier Linda Burrage 01702 333053
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Meriel Taylor 01524 419253
Fox Terrier (Smooth)  Neville Rogers 01256 472259
Fox Terrier (Wire)   Linda Ford 01235 519294
Glen Of Imaal Terrier Jane Alstead 01253 762221
Irish Terrier Carol Bamsey 01296 713045
Jack Russell Terrier Lesley Roberts 01750 722960
Kerry Blue Terrier
01728 668221
Lakeland Terrier Christine Kerrigan 01512 089193
Manchester Terrier Gillian Knight 01226 210842
Norfolk Terrier Cathy Thompson-Morgan 01977 662195
Norwich Terrier Barry Day 0121 780 4030
Parson Russell Terrier Margaret Hooley 01283 703095
Scottish Terrier Alison Kenny Marriott 01204 852934
Sealyham Terrier Lisa Hampson 01617 646678
Skye Terrier Catherine Parker 01942 735537
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Sara John 01344 884706
Staffordshire Bull Terrier  
Welsh Terrier Isabella Bennett  
West Highland White Terrier Julie Wall 01697 345607



Breed Name and email Phone number
Affenpinscher Margaret Boulcott

0141 405 5692

Australian Silky Terrier Lisa Mault

01270 663566

Bichon Frise Maureen Reynolds

01527 517116

Bolognese Jane Towers -
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Marian Mynott 01223 872464
Chihuahua (both coats) Rachel Berrington 01384 358308
Chinese Crested Esther Hitchcock   01592 655051
Coton De Tulear Kevin Holley 01932 701158
English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Derfel Owen
Griffon Bruxellois Michelle Swinge 01702 230072 
Havanese Andrea Akkad
Italian Greyhound Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club) -
Japanese Chin Lorraine Gillhespy   0191 3711523
King Charles Spaniel Lorraine Gillhespy   0191 3711523
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Mary Pascoe 01704 228145
Maltese Brian Lees 01522 694627
Miniature Pinscher Kat French 0151 5242921
Papillon Ted Whitehill 01592 260872
Pekingese Gary Thomas 01495 750559
Pomeranian Averil Cawthera-Purdy 01242 672044
Pug Sian Hindle 07929 759037
Russian Toy Amanda Orchard 01794 512453
Yorkshire Terrier Diana Rich  






Breed Name and email Phone number
Akita  Tracy Morgan 01685 844993
Boston Terrier Gerry McCallum  
Bulldog Lorraine Watkins  
Canaan Dog Ellen Minto 01754 811153
Chow Chow Paul Westley 07734 508392
Dalmatian Lesley Suggett 01455 637909
Eurasier Maarina Jennings  
French Bulldog  Sue Worrell 01953 788976
German Spitz (both varieties) Lucy Barnes 07738 079269
Japanese Akita Inu Maureen Thompson 01773 541475
Japanese Shiba Inu Gary Hinsley  
Japanese Spitz Deborah Prout 01453 822845
Keeshond Melanie Reed-Peck 01223 812105
Kooikerhondje Anne Mar-Gerrison 01536 396252
Korean Jindo Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Lhasa Apso Sally Pointon 01775 820398
Miniature Schnauzer Chris Clay   01785 255925
Poodle (all varieties) Carol Harwood
Schipperke Melanie Reed-Peck   01223 812105
Schnauzer Chris Clay 01785 255925
Shar Pei Susan Butterfield 01977 798387
Shih Tzu Janice McIntyre 01244 657906
Tibetan Spaniel Tina Poyser  
Tibetan Terrier Glenn Davies 01536 762111

Xoloitzcuintle (Mex Hairless) (all varieties)

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Breed Name and email Phone number
Anatolian Shepherd Dog John Field 01205 870027
Australian Cattle Dog Kimberly Jebson 01526 344808
Australian Shepherd Trisha Morley 01353 675418
Bearded Collie Cath Moffat  
Beauceron Doug Thrower  
Belgian Shepherd Dog   Kristine Malinowski 01414 270147
Bergamasco Stuart Band 01344 884137
Border Collie Patricia Wilkinson 01283 223230
Briard Darren Clarke 01342 716394
Catalan Sheepdog Steve Bennett 07884 324430
Catalan Sheepdog Angie Fieldsend 01673 818624
Collie (Rough) Carole Smedley 01425 672424
Collie (Smooth) Cathy Howard 01406 351496
Estrela Mountain Dog Sally McKinlay  
Finnish Lapphund Sue Bird 01273 492403

Hungarian Kuvasz

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Hungarian Puli Michael Gilchrist 0191 385 3645
Hungarian Pumi Michelle Smee 01179 669788
Komondor Steve Eburne 01455 450542
Lancashire Heeler Jacky Cutler  
Maremma Sheepdog Sue Hewart-Chambers  
Norwegian Buhund Camille Lambert 07958 549778
Old English Sheepdog Ann Hodgson 01628 621157
Picardy Sheepdog Clive Pickering  
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Lucy Mottram  
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Barry Denyer 01354 610696
Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long Haired) Eion Flint 01751 432599
Samoyed Andrew Knipe 01229 465001
Shetland Sheepdog Ray Grice 01782 363482

Swedish Lapphund

Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Swedish Vallhund Rosemary Peacock-Jackson 01322 668912
Turkish Kangal Dog
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Cerys Davies 01792 850399
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Cerys Davies 01792 850399
White Swiss Shepherd


Jacqui Walmsley


01963 364434

Breed Name and email Phone number
Alaskan Malamute Keith Givens 01623 845095
Bernese Mountain Dog Emily Green  
Bouvier Des Flandres Cheryl Pierpoint 01255 813037
Boxer Vikki Van-Beck  
Bullmastiff Pamela Jeans-Brown 0121 779 2692
Canadian Eskimo Dog Marion Sargent  
Dobermann Nancy Evans 01684 297460
Dogue de Bordeaux Carol Cavanagh 01342 842705
Entlebucher Mountain Dog Lynn Gibbins 01335 360027
German Pinscher Jo Ellis 02380 610890
Giant Schnauzer Chris Clay 01785 255925
Great Dane Richard Beall  
Great Swiss Mountain Dog Sue Parkin-Russell  
Greenland Dog Nicola Singh 01406 331244
Hovawart Craig Hosie 01505 702165
Leonberger Sarah Sevastopulo 01905 452070
Mastiff Pamela Jeans-Brown 0121 779 2692
Neapolitan Mastiff Julie Harrison  
Newfoundland Maxine Munday 01945 880975
Portuguese Water Dog Rachael Victoria Reddin 07902 564668
Pyrenean Mastiff Judges Education Programme (The Kennel Club)  
Rottweiler Marie Austen  
Russian Black Terrier Kirsty Forster 03536 976741
Siberian Husky Krystyan Greenland  
St. Bernard Michelle Smee 07853 848387
Tibetan Mastiff Jeffrey Springham