Health and breeder services

Breeding a litter of puppies can be very rewarding, but if you are new to dog breeding, you should remember that it can also be a costly and time consuming experience. The dog breeding section is full of useful information on dog breeds and responsible breeding if you are considering becoming a breeder and we hope established dog breeders will use it as a reference tool as well.

Dog Breeding Regulation

New regulations on dog breeding in England will be live from 1st October. There are no changes to breeding regulations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Assured Breeder Scheme

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice and breeders must agree to follow set requirements, which encourage the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies.

Breeding from your dog

Free resources, online services, advice and information for novice and experienced puppy breeders in the UK.

For breeders

This section contains breeding advice, health resources and information on the science of breeding, including breeding from DNA tested dogs and inbreeding.

Breed Information Centre

The Breed Information Centre includes all recommended health tests, breed club contacts, Kennel Club Assured Breeders, dog breed standards and breed rescues.

The Kennel Club Academy

The Kennel Club Academy is an online learning resource providing accessible online education to support those involved in the world of dogs from dog breeders, vet and breed coordinators, to dog show judges. Learn more.

DNA profiling & parentage analysis

Your dog’s DNA could be used to act as a method of identification, or be used to check a dog’s parentage against samples from the sire and dam.

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Free breeding resources at the Kennel Club Academy

The FREE dog breeding resources cover all the things you need to consider before breeding from your dog, from basic considerations like adjustments to your home and lifestyle to how to use DNA tests and what you need to know about health conditions and inheritance. Join now for access for our free learning resources.

MyKC for Breeders

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