If you're thinking about getting a dog there’s a lot to consider, including finding out if you’re ready for a puppy, choosing the right breed to suit your lifestyle and researching responsible breeders. New owners also need to make sure they can provide the best care for their puppy, which is why we’re encouraging people to #BePuppywise.
Getting a puppy is a big step to take and can change your life in ways that you may never have thought about. There are lots of things to research and consider, but sadly many puppy buyers don’t always do this.

All too often puppies are bought on a whim, with little consideration as to whether their needs can be met. Not doing enough research can affect whether you buy a happy, healthy dog from a good breeder, or you help fund a puppy farmer who breeds unhealthy and unhappy puppies.

Each puppy buyer chooses how they start off their puppy buying journey, which is why we’re encouraging people to be informed, be patient and #BePuppywise.
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Useful resources

Whether you're thinking of buying a puppy or need help with training and socialisation, we've got a number of resources to support you and your dog.

Step-by-step guide to getting a dog

There are many things to consider before getting a dog. Use our guide to find out if you're ready for a puppy, read up on things to think about and learn how to find a good breeder.

Getting a dog

#BePuppywise planner

Download our #BePuppywise planner to help establish a routine with your puppy. Our planner includes pointers on things to think about when building your routine, including vaccinations, training and socialisation.

BePuppywise planner

Dog training

Dog training classes are a great way to socialise your dog and meet other dog owners. Whether your puppy is a beginner or you have an older dog who needs a refresher class, there's a dog training club to suit you.

Getting started in dog training
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Find a puppy

Ready to buy a dog? Why not use our Find a Puppy service to discover the ideal four-legged friend for you. Search for puppies in your area by breed.

Find a Puppy

Find an assured breeder

Search for breeders in your area who are registered with our Assured Breeders scheme, which promotes responsible dog breeding practices.

Find an Assured Breeder
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Buying pet insurance

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a long-term commitment and it’s reassuring to know that your insurance can help you with unexpected costs.

Pet insurance