Guidance on the General Data Protection Regulation

Kennel Club Data Protection Team
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDP) and Registered Clubs and Societies

We recently issued some guidance on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

However, it is apparent that not all clubs and societies have seen this, therefore please find the downloadable guidance package in the downloads section of this page.

It is also apparent that there is some confusion over the application of the GDPR and, in particular, the need to obtain consent.

We are therefore providing some further guidance on our understanding on the application of the GDPR to the usual activities of a club or society.

You do not have to follow this guidance but we are trying to assist and keep matters as simple as possible.

Data Protection is not changing in terms of the principles of protecting data – there is however a need to demonstrate compliance to a greater extent and so we are providing some of the main tools a club or society will need;

  • A data audit template – to record who/what/why/when and where you may process data
  • A Privacy Notice template – to inform members/judges and exhibitors/competitors as to how data is used.

As ever if we can assist further then please contact the data protection team on

Or contact the ICO directly

The Information Commissioner's Office is a free and reliable resource and their document on preparing for the gdpr can be found here.

Also more general guidance on GDPR can be found here.


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