There are so many different competitive dog activities you can enjoy, giving you great opportunities to meet fellow dog lovers and enjoy lots of fun with your dog. The Kennel Club organises and licences some great days out for you and your dog covering a range of different pursuits, some of which are outlined here.


Dog agility measures the handler's ability to direct their dog over a course with various obstacles. Find out about agility training clubs, classes & competitions

Bloodhound Trials

Bloodhound Working Trials are open to purebred Bloodhounds only. The trials are a challenging and exciting countryside activity in which hounds follow a human scent trail over a 'line' up to three miles long. Find out more here.


Canicross is designed for you and your dog to complete a short course in the outdoors, which can enable you to create a special bond through exercise.

Companion Dog Shows

Companion Dog Shows are fun, informal events that all dogs can take part in to help raise money for charity. Find out how to take part and/or organise a show here.

Dog Showing

The most popular form of canine competition in this country is the dog show - the contest for Kennel Club registered pure-bred dogs, such as those seen at Crufts.

Field Trials & Working Gundogs

Field Trials have developed to test the working ability of Gundogs in competitive conditions.


Flyball is a growing dog sport involving a team knockout competition. It’s fast, fun, exciting and has a dedicated following at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show

Heelwork to Music

Set to music, competitors devise routines of up to four minutes, and perform with their dog.


Competitive Obedience are competitions testing how obedient and well trained your dog is. Training is essential at a KC-registered dog training club or listed status club


Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform.

Working Trials

Working Trials are a competitive sport based on the civilian equivalent of police dog work.

Show Border Collie Herding Test

The purpose of the Herding Test, a limited version of a sheepdog trial, is to safeguard the future development of the Border Collie by emphasising the importance of the breed's natural herding abilities.

The Kennel Club Roadshow

The Kennel Club Roadshow attends a broad range of events (inc. Championship Shows) across the country and we would like you to come and see for yourself how much fun you can have at these events.

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