Events and activities

There are a wide range of competitive dog activities on offer, which are great opportunities to meet fellow dog lovers, celebrate your dog's skills and enjoy lots of fun with your dog.

Awards update

Certificates for shows/trials will be issued in chronological order, you can find out the current status by viewing our log of shows/trials where awards have been processed.

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Explore the events on offer for you and your dog. Find out what’s on and where and how to get involved. From Crufts to the International Agility Festival, we’ve got something for everyone.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Sitting

Club and Society Management

We have compiled for you information which we hope will be helpful and relevant in the management of your club/society.

Club and Society Management
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Agility is open to all types and sizes of dog. It is a fun, exciting activity for dogs and owners to take part in. It involves your dog’s negotiating different obstacles through a set course.

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Bloodhound working trials

In these exciting working trials, Bloodhounds use their natural ability to follow a human scent trail over a 'line' up to 3 miles long.

Bloodhound working trials
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Dog showing

The most popular form of canine competition in this country is the dog show - the contest for purebred dogs registered with The Kennel Club.

Dog showing
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Field trials and working gundogs

Field trials resemble a day's shooting in the field and were developed to test the working ability of gundogs.

Field trials & gundogs
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Heelwork to music

Heelwork to music is where competitors choreograph routines with their own choice of music of up to four minutes and perform these with their dog.

Heelwork to music
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Competitive obedience is all about the training you and your dog have achieved, from puppy training classes to competitions.

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Rally welcomes all types and sizes of dog and is about teamwork. You and your dog will navigate a course of different exercises together.


Working trials

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Working trials are a physically demanding, competitive activity based on the civilian equivalent of police dog work.

Useful resources

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Find a Judge

Find an approved judge in the relevant discipline and location.

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Find a Club

Search for dog clubs in your area offering training, advice or activities.

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Find a Show/Trial

Explore our database of shows and trials licensed by The Kennel Club.

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