Why does my dog?

Have you ever wondered why your dog does certain things, like eat grass, lick your feet or even why they sometimes eat poo? If you’re confused by your dog’s behaviour, or are looking for reassurance about common canine habits, then we’ve found the answers to some of the most frequently searched for questions on ‘why does my dog?’.
Why does my dog bite themselves? | The Kennel Club
Bite themselves?

While the occasional scratch or nibble is normal, excessive biting can be a cause for concern. Understanding why dogs bite themselves is crucial for addressing the root cause and ensuring your pet's well-being.

Why does my dog eat soil? | The Kennel Club
Eating soil?

For us humans, the concept of dogs eating dirt is not something we can relate to. No doubt, the first time you saw your dog eating mud or soil came as a shock. So is it normal for dogs to eat soil? And can eating soil make your dog sick?

Eat grass?

If your dog eats grass, is it because they are sick, do they need to vomit, or could there be some other reason that they are frantically munching on the lawn? If you’ve observed this strange behaviour then you may be wondering why. 

Eat poo?

If your dog eats poop then you may wonder why they do it? It may be disgusting to us, but it’s actually a relatively normal behaviour for many dogs, particularly puppies. The question is, is it bad for them and should we stop them?

Follow me everywhere?

Whether you’re moving from room to room, cooking in the kitchen or even using the bathroom. Having a constant companion can be comforting, endearing or sometimes downright annoying, but why does your dog follow you everywhere and is it normal?

Lick me so much?

Whether you’re stroking them, feeding them or being greeted as you step through the door. Being licked by your dog can be a sign of affection, but it can have a number of other meanings too. So what can you do if it ever becomes a problem?

Smell of fish?

Has your dog ever smelt like fish? The cause is probably one of the most common health problems in dogs. Find out why your dog might smell unpleasant and what you should do?

Sneeze so much?

Whether your dog has been sneezing a lot lately, or you’ve noticed that they sometimes sneeze when they’re playing or excited, find out what it could mean and when you should visit the vet.


Dogs can shake, shiver or tremble when they’re cold, old, in pain, scared, ill or just because they need to dry off after a splash in a puddle. Dogs can shake for many reasons, but why is your dog shaking, should you be worried and what should you do?

Stare at me?

You might wonder if they are looking at you with love and affection, or whether they are just trying to get your attention to communicate that they want something. Some owners might find it cute, while others find it creepy, but the looks definitely have meaning.

Why does my dog lick their wounds | The Kennel Club
Lick their wounds?

To help you find the answers, we’ve written this article to get to the bottom of why dogs lick their injuries, whether their saliva has antiseptic properties and if licking wounds can be harmful.

Lick my feet?

Does your dog lick your feet? Dogs lick to show they care, to get attention, to understand you better and because they enjoy it. It may be disgusting to us, but why do they lick your feet?


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