Winter dangers

Winter is the season for cold icy weather, dark evening strolls, crunching in the snow and ice and brisk frosty walks. These things may be typical signs that winter is with us, but they also indicate a number of seasonal dangers to our dogs. Going out in the cold is all about being prepared, not only in what we wear, but also in knowing what dangers could lie ahead and how to avoid them.

Weight management

In winter months we are often less active because of the cold wet weather and darker evenings. Getting less exercise means that it’s much easier for your dog to put on weight, so it’s important to keep an eye on their weight and size. Find out more about managing your dogs weight.
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Lifetime pet insurance for your dog

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Fun games for isolation

The main problem with isolation for your dog will be boredom and possibly lack of exercise, so finding ways of keeping them active is very important.

Fun tips for self isolation with your dog

Awards update

Important message for those competing at Kennel Club licensed events. Please see the latest update on awards.

Awards update


Signs of arthritis can get worse in colder temperatures, so if your dog suffers from this condition they may be stiffer, especially in the morning before they’re warmed up.



Antifreeze can be extremely dangerous to dogs. It can damage their kidneys and cause death, even after only a small amount has been licked. Find out more about how to keep your dog safe.

Antifreeze poisoning in dogs
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