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Appointing an Examiner

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme office can provide details of Examiners throughout the UK, as generated from the database of qualified Examiners.

Your Examiner must be qualified to Scheme Guidelines and it is advisable where possible to appoint an Examiner who  (see below) who is not a member of the Club/Organisation hosting the test. The Examiner must meet the Examining criteria and must not have been involved in the training of any of the students under test for that particular level.


An Examiner should be given as much notice as possible. Ideally they should be invited at the beginning of a training course so that preparations can be made.

Clear Understanding

Ensure the Examiner has a clear understanding of the aims, objectives and standard required for each test level they will be invited to examine. They should have a copy of the Scheme Description and Responsibility and Care leaflet prior to the test. Working with different personalities and groups can be challenging.


The Examiner you are considering appointing must be a person who can communicate the Scheme's requirements and instructions clearly and concisely so as to avoid confusion. The proposed Examiner must be able to give instructions to the students under test that are specific and to be repeated if necessary.

Examining Experience

The Club/Organisation should ask a range of question to establish the Examiners experience, e.g. have they judged the test before and if so did they do a good job? Have they passed that particular award level with their own dog? This is not a compulsory requirement but it may help a Club/Organisation in ascertaining how much understanding an Examiner has of the Scheme's requirements.

Scheme Paperwork

Examiners are not responsible for providing the Scheme's paperwork for testing and sessions cannot be conducted without the correct paperwork. It is the responsibility of the Club or Organisation hosting the test to order and provide all the required stationery.

Testing Styles

Examiners will have their own style of setting up and conducting each exercise. Within the Scheme's guidelines, it is up to the Examiner to specify how each test should be conducted, bearing in mind that each test has a clearly defined objective.

Practicing for Tests

It is always advisable to practice an exercise, in more than one place and in more than one way.


The caller should play no part as to the manner in which the exercises making up the test are conducted. This is entirely at the discretion of the examiner. Examiners must ensure that there testing instructions are complied with. Note: It is advisable to use someone other than the class instructor to act as the steward.


Examiners should always introduce themselves and try to put candidates at ease. Remember that most handlers under test will be nervous.

Test requirements

It is advisable that the Club/Organisation discuss the test requirements before the test takes place, this can be done upon invitation and will help to avoid any confusion.


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