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Changes To Agility Regulations

1st November 2017 - 3:10 PM

The Kennel Club has recently approved changes to the regulations for agility.

With effect from 1st January 2018, the following amendment and addition to the regulations has been made to make the use of breakaway tyres at Kennel Club licensed agility shows mandatory. This is to address the safety concerns raised over the ‘fixed’ tyre currently in use. New regulation H(1)(B)5.a.(10) addresses the marking of the new style of tyre:

Amendment to Regulation H(1)B.3.d


d. Hoop-(Tyre)—Aperture diameter 533mm (1ft 9ins) minimum. Aperture centre from the ground: Large Dogs - 800mm ((2ft 7.5ins). Medium Dogs - 550mm (1ft 9.6ins). Small Dogs - 490mm (1ft 7.3ins). The hoop to be of a consistent shape, constructed of an impact-absorbing material. The height of the hoop should not be lowered. The tyre/hoop must be directly mounted in a substantial frame structure which must be secured in such a way that dogs cannot knock the obstacle over from either direction; the frame shall not have a beam across the top.

All tyres must have easily displaced element(s). For saloon style tyres, both opening sides must have an ability to swing open to 90-140 degrees from the closed hoop position. They must not self-return and must be manually re-set.

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New Regulation H(1)(B)5.a.(10)

Tyre – 5 faults for displacing any part of the tyre. If the dog displaces any part of the tyre without negotiating it and making it impossible for it to be negotiated successfully – elimination.

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With effect from 1st January 2018, the following amendment and addition to the regulations has been made to provide clarity for judges and competitors on the issue of the wearing of treat bags:

Amendment to Regulation H(1)10.e


Except for mobility aids, nothing shall be carried in the hand while the dog is under test and food shall not be given to a dog whilst in the ring. Competitors are prohibited from wearing bags or leads whilst under test – elimination.

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