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Ever watched Crufts and thought, "That looks fun"?

Curious about getting involved or simply seeking new ways to exercise with your dog? The Activity Register is your ticket to the excitement and adventure! For just £20, your dog gains lifetime access to events like agility, heelwork to music, obedience and competitions licensed by The Kennel Club. Enjoy exclusive discounts and offers too! Who knows? Maybe one day, we'll spot you at Crufts!

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Inclusivity at Its Core

At The Kennel Club, we believe that every dog deserves a chance to shine. That's why any dog of any ancestry—whether pedigree or crossbreed—can be registered on the Activity Register. We also welcome overseas applicants, making this one of our most accessible and popular registration options.

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Setting up your FREE profile on The Kennel Club website is easy. Simply complete the Activity Register form, and you're on your way to unleashing your dog's full potential. Once approved (usually within 28 working days), your documentation will be dispatched, and our team and online tools will be here to support you every step of the way. 

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*Please note that if your dog is already registered on the Breed Register it is not necessary to also apply for registration on the Activity Register, as it is already eligible to compete in all these activities*

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Each year, we proudly register over 250,000 pedigree and crossbreed dogs, offering inclusive registration systems tailored to suit every pet and their devoted owners.

When you register with The Kennel Club, your dog joins over 9 million esteemed canines in our history book. Plus, you unlock a world of thrilling events and activities, creating unforgettable experiences for both of you.

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Complete the dream team! For just £20 your dog gains lifetime access to all manner of exciting events and activities.

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