Entry analysis form for open/premier general/group shows

1. General canine societies
General canine societies (including group societies) and affiliated societies are required to complete an entry analysis form. As of 1 January 2019 each breed club will be required to support classes for its breed at a minimum of two general/group open shows per year. Therefore it is vital for you to record any supported entry classes taking place at your show.
2. Open show class averages
In order to ensure accurate figures are recorded, each society is requested to provide the information indicated below. General canine societies (including group societies) have the option as to whether or not to include breed puppy class entries and/or breed club supported entry classes and entries in their overall totals.

If the entries received are beneficial to the show’s overall class average then the number of classes and entries should be included in the calculation. However if these classes and entries detract from the shows overall class averages, then the totals can be excluded when calculating the show’s overall average.
3. Submission
This form should be submitted within 14 days of the show.
For this calculation, the number of entries is to be used. *See paragraph 2 above. Second and subsequent entries (including those in variety classes) will therefore count, unless second entries are free or priced at less than 50p each. Classes for obedience, agility, and junior handling, if held in conjunction with the show, should not be included in the calculations.
Calculate the number of entries and divide by the classes.


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