Getting started in Young Kennel Club heelwork to music?

YKC member doing high five during heelwork to music

What is heelwork to music?

Heelwork to music or sometimes known as HTM is where competitors devise routines of up to four minutes, put them to music, and perform the routines with their dog. There are two types of heelwork to music competition;
1) Heelwork to music: where most of the routine must be Heelwork and the rest can be as you wish
2) Freestyle: the whole routine is completely up to you!

Heelwork to music needs lots dog training skills. Competitors are judged over three sections;
  • Content and flow
  • Accuracy and team performance
  • Musical interpretation
There are a maximum of 10 marks up for grabs in each section.

Why should you take part?

  • Meet new friends – there is a great social scene to be enjoyed
  • Wow all your friends and family with your dog’s new talent – “heelwork to music”, as it is known, has even been a great success on talent shows
  • Discover your creative side by creating exciting choreographed routines for you and your dog
  • Your dog will love the chance to learn new skills and moves
  • You do not have to be musically talented to be able to do heelwork to music – anyone can do it

Competing in Young Kennel Club competitons

All you will need to compete is a Kennel Club Heelwork to Music Record book to collect points to try and qualify for the Young Kennel Club Heelwork to Music Finals at Crufts. Send your book in by 1 December each year, along with the application form below, and if you have enough points - you will be invited to compete at Crufts!

How do I take part?