Getting started in Young Kennel Club agility

YKC member taking part in agility

What is agility?   

Agility is an activity that you and your dog can participate in, it is action-packed and hugely exciting activity. It involves many different obstacles that are all timed for your dog to run through, jump over and weave in and out of. Not only does agility test your dog’s fitness, but you can also show off your skills as a handleras you direct your dog around the agility course.  

Why should you take part?

  • Agility is great at keeping you and your dog fit  
  • It is a great way to make new friends 
  • Your dog does not have to be a pedigree – all dogs can do agility. However, always make sure they are on the breed register or you have signed up to the activity register

Competing in Young Kennel Club competitons

We offer lots of different agility competitions held throughout the year with a final taking place at Crufts. Some of the classes at Crufts require you to have qualified, whereas others require members to gain points at standard Kennel Club licensed shows. The main objective of our classes is to allow certain age ranges to compete against one another (6-11, 12-17and 18-24) which helps to level the playing field, as well as allowing members to make friends their own age. 

Agility obstacles

You find out more about all the obstacles used in agility on the main Kennel Club website.

How do I take part?