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Whether you are running a small club limited show to a general championships dog show with thousands of dogs attending, there is a huge amount of work and administration to be undertaken. This section provides all the information you need from ensuring you apply for your licence at the right time, that your schedule is accurate to dealing with objections and appeals, and much, much more.

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Before the Show

Licences and Show Date Applications
Show dates must be applied for in writing on club headed paper or by completing a Show Date Application Form, which are available to download on the Licences and Show Date Applications Page.

Once the Kennel Club has approved the show date a pre-printed licence application form will be sent to the Secretary. This must be completed and returned to the Kennel Club 6 months before the show.

Change of Guarantors Form

If you have to change one of the guarantors for your show you will need to complete a Change of Guarantors Form

Schedules and Entry Forms
All schedules and entry forms must conform to the Kennel Club Specimen Schedules. Please select the relevant Specimen Schedule for the type of show your club or society wishes to hold. 

Special Award Classes

To help you with the organisation of Special Award Classes the Kennel Club has prepared FAQs on all aspects of these classes.

Submission of Judges Nominations for  Championship Shows (including FCI Judging Contract 2017):

First time Challenge Certficate Questionnaires for Breed and Group Judges

Process for A2 Evaluation

After the Show

Additional Class Fee and Entry Analysis Form

This form, along with the additional class fee (if applicable), must be sent to the Canine Activities Department within 14 days of the Show by General Canine Societies (including Group Societies) and Affiliated Societies. The Additional Class Fee and Entry Analysis Form can be downloaded here.

Useful Information

Below are some useful links that detail information you might need to take into account when organising a show:

Version suitable for printing
SH107 FAQs on Special Award Classes

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