Get active with your dog

Image of the Kennel Club gallery There are so many different competitive dog activities you can enjoy, giving you great opportunities to meet fellow dog lovers and enjoy lots of fun with your dog. The Kennel Club organises and licences some great days out for you and your dog covering a range of different pursuits, some of which are outlined here.

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Get Fit With Fido

The Get Fit With Fido Challenge rewards the dog and dog owner who jointly lose the most weight and the dog owner and dog who individually lose the most weight, with the help of exercising together.

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Show Border Collie Herding Test

The purpose of the Herding Test, a limited version of a sheepdog trial, is to safeguard the future development of the Border Collie by emphasising the importance of the breed's natural herding abilities.

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The Kennel Club Roadshow

The Kennel Club Roadshow attends a broad range of events (inc. Championship Shows) across the country and we would like you to come and see for yourself how much fun you can have at these events.

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