Agility Team GB – Junior Coach

Role Outline

The primary role is the coaching of team members at training sessions and the Junior Open Agility World Championships (JOAWC). The coach will form part of the selection committee and identify improvement opportunities for each team member, from selection to competition.

Additional Tasks


  • Identification of future potential to invite to pre-selection qualifier
  • Active interest in the performances at, and the results of, the main Kennel Club finals (Olympia, Crufts) and Junior events
  • Involved in the running of team selection events
  • Member of selection panel considering;
    -Selection of individuals to compete at the JOAWC including selection of reserves
    -Selecting the specific teams


  • Deliver online presentations to the team (judge analysis, skill setting drills)
  • Provide team members with a PDF of the championship judge’s sample courses including updating team members throughout the training period
  • Design courses and drills for official training sessions
  • Involved in the running of official training sessions
  • Design specific drills in relation to championship judges for S.M.A.R.T. goal analysis
  • Offer professional services regarding tailored agility training plans for the JOAWC
  • Lead role in three training sessions. Sessions to incorporate;
    -Agility training
    -Guest trainers (Adult team members)
    -Informal lectures introducing topics from Adult team
    -Appropriate social event at end of training, e.g. Bar-b-q

Junior Open World Agility Championships (JOAWC)

  • Event rule expert
  • Attend team meetings
  • Design and lead “off-site” training session alongside Team Manager
  • Design and lead official training session alongside Team Manager
  • Attend event managers meeting
  • Support and manage team members throughout event
  • On all competition days;
    -Be available for course walking and course analysis
    -Responsible for making sure handlers are at the right place for their course walking, runs & prize givings.
    -Ringside for all runs to support handlers.
  • Involved with any selection decisions made at the championship if reserves are required.

Post event

  • Member of performance review panel concerning;
    -S.M.A.R.T. goals analysis
    -Refining S.M.A.R.T. goals
    -Selection process, performance and progress


Mandatory to attend

  • All selection events for JOAWC (Pre-selection and try out)
  • Official team training sessions

Online presentations will need to be scheduled for evening presentations

Fees & Expenses

For attending JOAWC a £300 fee will be paid by the Kennel Club

Any professional services offered which are outside of the specific Agility Team GB role, will not involve Agility Team GB and any services will be paid for by the individual handler.

Petrol costs will be covered for attending training sessions and events in the UK.  Additional travel and living costs such as flights, car parking and hotels will be covered but must be agreed in advance with the Team Manager and receipts provided, alternatively these may be booked directly by the Kennel Club.  Living expenses to an amount agreed by the Kennel Club will be provided where you are required to stay away from home.


The coach’s main objectives are to ensure selection of the best dog and handler partnerships. Once teams are selected, their priority is that they support team members in preparation for the JOAWC event to perform to the best of their ability and to support them throughout the competition.

Please note that DBS checks will be carried out on the successful applicant.

All candidates that wish to apply for this role should email with a cover letter and CV (which includes national and international competing experience) by Friday 3rd July 2020.

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