Agility Team GB – Handler Fitness Support (Junior & Senior Teams)

Role Outline
The key role of this position is to raise awareness of fitness training plans specific to agility dog
handlers as well as the benefits of warm up and cool down practices. The Handler Fitness Support
will offer personal training plans to those handlers that wish to improve their own individual fitness

Additional Tasks

  • Involved in the running of team selection events.
  • Online presentations to the teams (on fitness, nutrition, hydration and strategies for optimal performance)
  • Advice and support with warm up and cool down routines.
  • Offer a professional service of tailored fitness plans for handlers to include;
    -Speed, conditioning and strengthening
    Identifying and resolving individual weaknesses
    Injury prevention
    -Handling manoeuvre execution speed.

Attendance and active working member at the selection events will be a requirement. Online presentations will need to be scheduled for evening presentations. Attending official training sessions is preferred but not essential. Attending the championships (JOAWC, EO’s, FCI AWC) is not required.

Fee & Expenses
Any professional services offered which are outside of the specific Agility Team GB role, will not
involve Agility Team GB and any services will be paid for by the individual handler.

Petrol costs will be covered for attending training sessions and events in the UK. Additional travel
and living costs such as flights, car parking and hotels will be covered but must be agreed in advance
with the Team Manager and receipts provided, alternatively these may be booked directly by the
Kennel Club. Living expenses to an amount agreed by the Kennel Club will be provided where you
are required to stay away from home.

The Handler Fitness Support’s main objective is to ensure that those handlers that wish to increase
their physical performance can gain advice and training support to increase their personal
performance capabilities.

Please note that DBS checks will be carried out on the successful applicant.

All candidates that wish to apply for this role should email with a cover
letter and CV by Friday 3rd July 2020.

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