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What is the Kennel Club Academy?

Sign up to the Kennel Club AcademyThe Kennel Club Academy is an online learning resource providing accessible online education to support those involved in the world of dogs, whether you’re a dog breeder, dog trainer, dog walker, vet, breed health coordinator, an aspiring or existing judge, or a dog enthusiast.

Containing content developed in collaboration with veterinarians and canine experts, the Kennel Club Academy is continually updated to have the latest developments in canine health and welfare.

You can learn at your own pace and convenience online at anytime, anywhere on the Kennel Club Academy.

Learn more about Dog Health

Discover the latest research from canine health professionals providing an in-depth look at canine diseases, genetics and conformation-related health concerns.  Read more about our FREE health learning resources.

Advance your Dog Breeding Knowledge

Created in collaboration with veterinary and breeding professionals, these insightful resources provide expert knowledge and advice in pre-breeding and breeding, exploring topics such as DNA testing, genetics, using Mate Select, canine pregnancy, whelping and rearing a litter of puppies, and preparing puppies for future life. See what's included in our our FREE Breeder learning resources. 

Refresh or expand your Dog Judging expertise

Whether you are an aspiring or experienced dog show judge, you will find numerous learning resources on topics such as Requirements of a Dog Show Judge, Ring Stewarding, and Points of the Dog to help increase or refresh your knowledge.

The learning resources available to Judges include many of the mandatory elements required in the Kennel Club’s established judges training programme. These are all essential pre-course learning before attending the official seminars delivered by Accredited Trainers.

Also featured are the breed specific films from experienced breed experts giving their personal observations of the breed, breeds such as the Dachshund, Scottish Terrier, English Setter, with plenty of more breed specific films that will be available in the future.

NEW to Judge's Education: Critique Writing Resource

The Kennel Club has added a new course outlining the principles of critique writing to its online education resource, the Kennel Club Academy. This news will be welcomed by those judges seeking guidance in the wake of the recent announcement that a critique on all first and second prize winners at open and championship shows must be written by judges from 2018 onwards. it can be found within the Judge's Education bundle.

Be at the forefront of canine knowledge and expertise. Find out more about our Judges Education Bundle.

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