Safe And Sound for Teachers and Schools

A new Safe And Sound Teaching Resource aimed at years 3, 4 and 5 is now available. The Resource if FREE to Primary Schools who sign up. The framework of this new resource fits easily into the current Primary education curriculum. The teaching resource consists of an interactive slideshow, drama and activity templates, certificates, teacher resource material, parent education, assessment materials and much more.

Teaching Resource

In today's society the national curriculum is laid down by law as to what is taught in schools. Schools are also governed by tight financial budgets hence little money is available to buy extra resources unless needed to fulfil the curriculum requirements. Teachers also have a limited amount of time to produce resources themselves so a readily made and easily assessable resource is more useful to schools. The new Kitemark Teaching Resource addresses the issues of finance, time and planning. 

Lesson plans, background and framework are written into the new resource and are written and adapted to fit into the  curriculum so that they require little preparation by the teacher but have a high educational impact. There are various topics included in the resource including reading, writing, poetry mathematics and drama. This new resource is designed to be taught over 4 sessions and include 3 lessons and an assessment at the end of the course. During their assessment children are assessed to ascertain their responses and their ability to stay safe using the basic manovores such as the Tree, the Stone and Approach.  


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