Safe And Sound for parents and the general public

The Kennel Club Safe And Sound Scheme was established in 2003 as an online resource to promote safe interaction between children and dogs. In reality dogs need a reason to bite, usually this is through fear or undue provocation, often just through accidents or misunderstanding of canine behaviour.

The Safe And Sound Scheme promotes and enlightens the general public on the benefits and rewards gained by owning and interacting with dogs. The Scheme teaches children how to stay safe when around dogs and how to recognise the warning signs when a dog is likely to bite.

To date, over 5 million people have accessed this resource online and played the Safety Factor Challenge Game. The Scheme also produces literature for children's clubs, parents and the general public.

Safety Factor Challenge Game

The game introduces a dog called SASHI (the Safe And Sound Hound) and key principles called the Tree, Stone and Approach which are basic manoeuvres to keep a child safe. There are 3 animated child characters called Alan, Izzy and Leo, who encompass 12 dog-related situations. In each scene, the user of the game is faced with three options, one option keeps the child safe and generates a Safety Star, the other two options can result in the child receiving a bite mark! The purpose of the game is to go through all the scenarios without getting bitten. Find the game under Tools and Services to the right.


The posters highlight key messages of how to stay safe. They are ideal for usage Dog Training Clubs, Schools, Libraries and child activity groups. You can find the posters under the Download section to the right.


Tools & Services


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