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Safe And Sound: Teaching Kids How to Behave Around Dogs

The purpose of the Kennel Club Safe And Sound Award Scheme is to promote the safe interaction between children and dogs. 

The Safe And Sound Scheme focuses on the educational issues connected with staying safe around dogs. It can never be taken for granted that any dog will be 100% safe with everyone all of the time. Children have to be taught how to behave in the company of even the best trained dog.

Please note, the Safety Factor Challenge Game uses flash technology and so will only work on desktop computers.

For Teachers and Schools
A new Safe And Sound Teaching resource aimed at years 3, 4 and 5 is now available. Click here to sign up and for online resources.
For Parents and General Public
The Scheme teaches how to stay safe when around dogs and how to recognise the warning signs when a dog is likely to bite. Click here for resources for children's clubs, parents and the general public.
Play the Safety Factor Challenge Game
Play our online safety game. If you gain the maximum amount of safety stars and avoid bite marks along the way you will be awarded the Safety Factor Challenge Certificate.