Corrine Kennedy

Corrine is a dog training instructor from Perth in Perthshire who teaches the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and encourages young handlers through her work with the charity, Canine Partners. She also conducts voluntary puppy socialisation and consults on behavioural issues for her local vets. Corrine is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training and has been a member of the scheme for four years.

We caught up with Corrine to find out a little more about her involvement in the canine world….

Corrine was brought up with dogs and was encouraged to be involved with their training as a child. She became more active in dog training over 20 years ago by getting involved with local training organisations. This involvement included committee positions and helping organise annual dog shows.

Corrine says her aim is that every dog owner that she meets has a dog that is well trained and can be enjoyed.  She said “Seeing a well-adjusted and well trained dog is one of the nicest things I can think of.” She enjoys coaching owners on how to reach that well trained point with their dog and says it is a journey she could never tire of. She added “I relish the challenge of adjusting training to meet the individual’s needs and enjoy seeing how their partnership with the dog strengthens. I believe that training should be fun and I enjoy the friendships that I have built up with clients.”

In addition to the various qualifications and recognition Corrine has achieved throughout her career, she also lists her proudest achievements as her work with the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  She said “knowing I have played a part in helping owners learn how to get the most out of dog ownership - award night in particular is a big day in my diary!” She also told us about how she is proud to work with the charity, Canine Partners, undertaking puppy parenting, fundraising, promoting awareness in the community, as well as having previously trained her own dog to be a demo dog/ambassador.

In addition to training Corrine also organises a fun day each year to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership and introduce dog owners to new activities they can take part in with their pets. This takes the form of stalls from various dog related charities )such as Perthshire Gun Dog Rescue), demonstrations and fun competitions. There is cake, candy and raffles with all proceeds going to Canine Partners. She added “I also give talks and demos to schools, Brownies and similar organisations on the work of Canine Partners and the safe and sound scheme.”

Corrine does not have a dog at the moment, stating: “My most recent Canine Partners puppy, Maverick, has just gone on to his advanced training with canine partners. He passed all three levels of his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme in just one year with me.” Corrine sadly lost her own dog, Bear, a Labrador, one year ago.  She said “I took Bear with me to any talks for Canine Partners and used him to demonstrate the work of an assistance dog.” In the past she has also visited local care homes as part of working with the charity, Pets As Therapy, with her dogs.

Finally, Corrine said: “I love training dogs and instructing for me is a joy. I constantly look for new ways to help owners and their dogs to be the best they can be. I try and make training classes a fun activity, constantly striving to introduce new activities to keep the classes varied. I keep up to date with the dog community through reading articles and maintain a Facebook page where I keep all of my followers up to date.”

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