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Kay Attwood


Kay is a dog training instructor from Camberley in Surrey who runs regular dog training classes and behaviour consultations. She has been a KCAI Scheme member for seven years and is working towards achieving accreditation as a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.

We caught up with Kay to find out a little more about her involvement in the canine world….

Kay fist became interested in dog training when she was working from home, and got a puppy from a local rescue.  She thoroughly enjoyed training her puppy and watching him change into a super member of her community.  Her interest in becoming a dog training instructor began when Kay took her dog to her local dog training school and he raced through the levels until he had completed the highest course they offered. She missed attending the training classes and wanted to continue and help train as many dogs as she could, so joined another local class as a volunteer class assistant.  She also started to attend training seminars and study dog behaviour in order to increase her knowledge further.

Kay says that she “thoroughly enjoys watching the change in dogs with the right training and the challenge to help owners with their dogs with anything from toilet training to more complex issues such as aggression.  Changing behaviour is amazing but changing owners’ attitude towards their dogs is also a huge sense of achievement, because I know that important change, is the key to changing the lives of both dog and owner – for life!” She said “the communication between dogs and humans is so exciting to be a part of, so when you start to see results there is a huge sense of achievement.”

As a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme, Kay feels that she benefits from being part of an organisation which is known to all and has a great reputation within the dog owning sector. 

Kay feels very fortunate to have had many achievements in her career, but “being a finalist for the KCAI Trainer of the Year 2017 has to be the ‘crème de la crème’!”  She said “It’s an honour just to be a finalist and something I am very proud of!”

Along with her work as a dog training instructor, Kay is also involved in volunteer work as a rescue back up, judges charity fun dog shows, and sponsors various charity events. In addition to this, she visits nursing homes where she hosts petting sessions and trick shows for residents. She also runs a local schools education programme, where she conducts talks to educate children on how to behave around dogs in order to prevent bites etc., and has arranged community talks on dog etiquette.
Kay has the pleasure of sharing her life with 2 dogs of her own, Gibson, a Jack Russell cross Basenji, and Flynn, a Parsons Jack Russell cross Border Collie.