Hilary Mears

Hilary is a dog training instructor from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire who has developed her knowledge and experience in the obedience and agility arenas. She has been a KCAI Scheme member for nearly five years and is working towards achieving accreditation as a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.

We caught up with Hilary to find out a little bit more about her involvement in the canine world.

Hilary had a keen interest in dogs as a child, inspired by her father who was a police dog trainer and handler. She has been involved in dog training for over 40 years gaining a wealth of experience during this time. She started her own business six years ago and formed the family run Training Classes ‘DogWhys’, with classes held by Hilary and her daughter.

Hilary has gained a variety of experience throughout her life with dogs, having been trained, a trainer, a judge, a steward, a competitor, and completing the agility judging course. 

Speaking about being an instructor, she said “I find being a dog training instructor very rewarding, seeing positive results and partnerships being forged between dog and handler. I am passionate about encouraging people to spend time with their dogs and a well-behaved dog can be a real family friend. I also enjoy the more challenging pupil and often hold one-to-one sessions. Seeing a reactive or nervous dog overcoming their fear is truly rewarding work and something I am proud to be part of.

My motto as a trainer is the dog should work because it wants to, not because it has to. I strongly value the friendships I have made through my training.”

Hilary is a member of the KCAI scheme as she feels it is important to set a standard and wants to give the public assurance of the standard of training and advice she can offer. By being part of a scheme it shows the commitment she is willing to make to meet their needs and ensure she keeps up to date with any changing techniques and methods.

Speaking about her biggest achievements in her career, Hilary said “I am over whelmed at being nominated for this prestigious award and reaching the finale five, so this has to rank highly on my list highs. Every competition comes with a sense of achievement, made even more special if we are successful.  She also says that “working with a reactive / nervous dog and overcoming their fear or seeing them succeed working outside of their comfort zone is truly rewarding and this is what makes me proud, when owners say “we’ll never do that” and the day they do it and have a smile on their face is my proudest moment.”

In addition to her dog training instructing activities, Hilary organises fund raising events to support dog charities and dog rescue.

She has five dogs, Teazle, Toby, Miffy and Panda, who are all working sheepdogs, and Rocco an Australian Kelpie.


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