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Denise Hubbard

Denise is a dog training instructor from Middlewich in Cheshire, who teaches Obedience training, and is involved with Gundog Working Tests and Field Trials. She has been a KCAI Scheme member for 17 years and is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training.

We caught up with Denise to find out a little more about her involvement in the canine world….

As a child of eight years old growing up in Suffolk, Denise always had dogs and cats together. She loved being the one in the family to train both Crossbred dogs and domestic cats, even training one cat in-particular to retrieve!

In 1969 Denise’s family had two Papillons which she showed in the ring. She said “their exuberant feisty behaviours would be something I needed to get under control asap. I had not experienced this before and not to be taken lightly! I had ring class classes, but this had its draw backs with these two, being in close encounters with other dogs. I went on the search for an obedience dog training class, the rest is history.”

Talking about being a dog training instructor, Denise said “What I like the most about dog training is helping the owners achieve their goal of getting their dog back on track and finally under control. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted from the owner’s shoulders and a wide smile appears on their face’s it’s a wonderful experience. This gives me a huge buzz, the feeling of a sense of achievement that I have fulfilled my obligation as a dog trainer. The welfare care and needs of the dog are paramount so this has a huge place in my heart.”

Denise has been a part of the KCAI Scheme since it first started, joining at Crufts in 2000, she wanted something she could do in her own time, which would broaden her understanding in dogs and widen her knowledge. She felt it was important to be part of an organisation that sets the standard for quality of advice, to provide the best service possible for dog owners, and provides the public with the understanding that they have a dog trainer who is giving out sound, constructive, information to clients. She said “In some cases, we are their first port of call. It’s vital as a dog trainer you have that knowledge and know what ever that advice is it will always enable the client to be safe in the environment.”

Denise considers her biggest achievement to be working with Autistic children and young adults with their own dogs in her Waggtails class environment, and on a one-to-one basis. She says that “When you are with these youngsters you get a sense of satisfaction and pride as they take on the role of caring for their beloved doggy friend, their bond being together is far greater than we will ever know! I always look forward to the lessons with these youngsters, they cannot always have the best attention skills, but they can have the “Best” Love, friendship and kindness towards their best doggy friend and the one which is unconditional love from their dog when an outburst may appear.”

Aside from her work as a dog training instructor, Denise is also  training her young Labrador Retriever Fern up to a good standard to compete in this year’s Kennel Club Working Gundog Tests. She said “Fern is coming along well I’m so pleased at what she has achieved so far, Fern is my Pocket Rocket!” Denise has had many dogs achieving awards, with one who went onto being awarded in a field trail, her all-time great Labrador Winston. Many of her Labradors in the past have been ‘Pets As Therapy’ dogs at Macclesfield hospital with the stroke patients, remarking on this Denise said “how amazingly dogs change and effectively help these patients to the point of giving them speech again!”

Denise owns two Labradors, Blaze and Fern, and Bertie, a German Wirehair Pointer.