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Become a KCAI Scheme Member

There are five stages to accreditation:

Stage one
Successful completion of all nine online assessments. The online assessments act as a test of knowledge and understanding in key canine-related topics to enable members to gauge whether they are ready to apply for the practical and oral assessment.

Stage two 
Submission of the accreditation application, including a record of current and relevant experience, together with supporting information and documentary evidence*.

Stage three 
KCAI team and assessor conduct office checks and a pre-assessment review of the application to ensure that it is in order for the practical and oral assessment to be arranged.

Stage four 
Practical and oral assessment is conducted, after which the Assessor will provide feedback to the applicant and make a recommendation to the KCAI Board.

Stage five 
The application is considered by the KCAI Board for a decision and the applicant is notified of the outcome following the review.

*In order to be eligible to apply for accreditation, members must have been a dog training instructor for at least the past five years in the discipline for which they are applying for accreditation.