KCAI Annual Event

We are sorry to inform members that this year's KCAI Scheme annual event and the Canine Sports Science Seminar (CSSS), due to take place in mid-September and November respectively, will not be going ahead this year.

After careful consideration, the decision to postpone has been made based on the fact that demand for both events has significantly diminished over the last couple of years, even though considerable resources and budget continued to be expended on them. In 2016, the KCAI Scheme event attracted 53 attendees only; and CSSS 100 people.

As a result, the two teams responsible for co-ordinating the events will combine their efforts to explore the feasibility of running a joint event in 2018. Their aim will be to plan an event that will appeal to a wider range and larger number of KCAI Scheme members as well as other canine professionals. It is anticipated that taking this approach will also make more effective use of resources and budget.

We understand that a number of you will be disappointed with this news. However, planning for the joint event is in its early stages and we will keep you informed when we have further information later in the year.

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