About online assessments

The Kennel Club Academy is an online learning resource for KCAI Scheme members, dog breeders and judges. The online assessments have been created to help KCAI Scheme members work towards their accreditation in a more structured and convenient way.

There are nine online assessments to be completed, which are listed below. Following successful completion of all nine of them, members will be eligible to submit an application for accreditation and book their practical and oral assessment.

1: Welfare, care and needs of the dog

2: Anatomy and physiology

3: Behaviour of dogs

4: Everyday problem behaviours

5: Training the dog

6: Living with dogs

7: Professional business practices

8: Teaching people

9: Dog owners’ responsibilities

Below is a link to a summary of the criteria for the online assessments, together with other useful information about the assessments.

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