Previous KCAI Trainer of the Year Winners

Martha Brindley – 2016 KCAI Trainer of the Year

Martha began her dog training journey at the age of fourteen when she was handed the lead and instructed to take the family dog to a local training class. This was the beginning of her love affair and passion for dogs and their welfare. As well as being a dog training instructor, Martha’s other passion is volunteering for the Blue Cross charity. She visits schools with her Whippet, Gilly, and teaches children a safe approach to dogs and how to respect their pets.

Martha was nominated by her clients for the KCAI Trainer of the Year award, which recognises inspirational dog training instructors who have made a positive difference to the lives of dog owners and their dogs.

Speaking about her award, Martha said: It is just incredible, I love what I do and will always continue in my volunteering. Winning KCAI Trainer of the Year is just a dream - better than winning an Oscar!’


Jane Ardern – 2015 KCAI Trainer of the Year

Jane began her dog training journey in the early nineties after rescuing a St Bernard/Rottweiler cross, and in 2004 decided to start training classes of her own. Six years later she opened her own training college called Wagga Wuffins Canine College in Bury, Manchester. Jane has been a member of the KCAI Scheme for four years and is working towards her accreditation with the scheme.

In addition to being a KCAI Scheme member, Jane is a Dog AID trainer and has trained a German Shorthaired Pointer to reach full assistance dog status, as well as training dogs for TV, advertising and film.

On winning the 2015 KCAI Trainer of the Year award, Jane said: “It is an honour to win”


Carolyn Menteith – 2014 KCAI Trainer of the Year

Carolyn has been a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor at the advanced level in Companion Dog training, for 5 years and has over 20 years’ experience working with animals.  Aside from dog training, Carolyn has been writing prolifically about dogs, dog training, dog behaviour, dog care, and dog welfare in national magazines and books for many years. She is an experienced broadcaster who appears regularly on radio programmes as a dog expert and also works with rescue organisations in the UK and around the world.

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