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Working Trial Judges' Section

Judges are invited by the society which is staging a Working Trial (it is not acceptable for judges to solicit for appointments). Before inviting a judge, the society must be satisfied that the judge is suitably qualified, and before accepting an appointment judges should ensure they meet the minimum criteria, which are described below.

Judging at an Open Working Trial

Before you are appointed to judge at an Open Working Trial:

Judging at a Championship Working Trial for CD (Companion Dog), UD (Utility Dog) or WD (Working Dog) Stakes

Before you can judge at a Championship trial you must have judged the relevant stake at an Open Working Trial and you need to meet the additional criteria below:

Championship Working Trial Judge for TD or PD Stakes 

Once you have been judging for a number of years you may be asked to judge a Championship TD or PD Stake and award Working Trial Certificates ("tickets").  If you are able to accept the invitation, your nomination must be approved by the General Committee of the Kennel Club before it is confirmed. If this is the first time you have awarded Working Trial Certificates, you must: 

A person approved to judge a Championship Working Trial Certificate stake may not judge the same stake within a period of six calendar months (the relevant date being the last day of each trial).

Approval of Championship TD and PD judges

Societies are required to obtain Kennel Club approval for all Championship Working Trial Judges for TD and PD stakes. Societies must submit their nominations to the Kennel Club at least 9 months before the appointment (but at least 18 months ahead in the case of 'first-time' Championship judges) using the official SH36 Working Trial Judges' nomination form. Nominations of 'first time' judges (who have not previously been approved to judge that stake at a Championship trial) must be accompanied by a completed JD12 Questionnaire for proposed Championship Working Trial Judges. First-time Working Trials judges will be assessed at a judging appointment before being considered for approval by the General Committee.

NOTE: Although the deadline for nominations of first-time judges is 18 months, it is in the interests of the society and the judge to submit nominations, with the judge's completed questionnaire, as far ahead as possible to allow time for the assessment to take place and the nomination to be considered and approved well before the date of the trial.