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Judges at Kennel Club licensed Working Trials are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering to the Working Trial and Bloodhound Trial 'I' Regulations. All judges should be appropriately experienced and have suitable temperament, physical fitness and stamina.

They must act honestly and impartially and judge in a customary fashion acceptable to competitors.

Useful Information

The overall aim of a judge is to provide value for the time, training, effort and money which competitors put into their rounds at a trial. Helpful advice about the particulars of judging at a Working Trial can be found in the Kennel Club Guide for Working Trials Judges and Stewards. 

Throughout the year changes may be made to Working Trials that could affect you as a judge. Amendments to Working Trials Rules and Regulations will be highlighted on the website and via press releases. You should also be vigilant and regularly check the Kennel Club website for information and documentation that may have been updated.

Judges which have passed the Working Trials Judges Seminar 

Requirements of a Working Trial Judge

If you are new to judging or have not judged recently, visit the Requirements of a Working Trial Judge page to find out more about what criteria you must meet to fulfil the position of Working Trials Judge at both Open and Championship Stakes.

Judges' Record Book

It is important to keep a record of your judging appointments, so that if one day you are invited to award Working Trial Certificates, you will be able to complete the judge's questionnaire form and provide evidence that you have the required experience. An official Judges Record Book can be purchased from our Online Shop.


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