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Training Seminars


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Kennel Club Academy – Online Learning

The Kennel Club provides a number of educational programmes including the Judges Training Programme, and the Registered Societies Training Programme which are overseen by the relevant Judges Working Party – for more information please click here. Seminars include;

  • Requirements of a Judge (Seminar and Examination) for the relevant discipline
  • the Points of the Dog Assessment
  • Conformation and Movement Seminar
  • Ring Stewarding (Breed) and
  • Club and Show Management Seminars for the relevant discipline.

Kennel Club Accredited Trainers/Approved Presenters are experienced judges in their own right and have been assessed on their ability to deliver a lecture on their given subject. This process is continuously reviewed by the relevant Judges Working Party to ensure that standards are maintained.

To view the list of Accredited Trainers/Approved Presenters please click on the relevant discipline: Breed / Agility / Obedience / Rally / HTM / Field Trials / Working Trials / Bloodhound Trials

NB: The Accredited Trainers/Approved Presenters are not to be confused with Kennel Club Accredited Instructors (KCAI) who are dog training instructors and canine behaviourists under the KCAI Scheme.

The Kennel Club Academy is an online learning resource for Judges, Breeders and KCAI scheme members. It includes resources to provide users with an insight and education to support their interest in the canine world.

The Judges section aims to support (Breed Show) Judges at Kennel Club Licensed events, at whatever level, to reward healthy dogs and provide value for time and money which the exhibitor/competitors put into presenting their dog. These resources should be used as pre-course learning for the seminars below.

NB: These resources are expected to continue to develop across all disciplines – please watch out for updates!

For more information and to subscribe to the Kennel Club Academy please click here.

For more information or how to organise an event, please email: (Breed) or for other disciplines:

Below is a list of upcoming seminars for your information.

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