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Before you become a Rally Judge you must have sufficient knowledge and experience of Rally so that you are able to judge fairly and accurately. Most judges will have already competed in Rally for some time and it would be useful to have assisted with the running or organisation of a Rally Show. This experience provides the prospective judge with vital experience and knowledge of all the elements of running a Rally class safely and efficiently.

The Kennel Club provides useful publications to assist with judging appointments that include a Guide for Rally Judges.

Rally Rules and Regulations can be purchased from the Kennel Club  Online Shop or downloaded from the Toolbar on the right. Any amendments made to the Rally Rules and Regulations will be highlighted alongside the Regulations.


Before judging a Level 1 or Level 2 class at a Rally competition a judge must have:

The next two appointments may be at Level 3. Before judging Level 4 a judge must have undertaken two appointments at Level 3.


Before a judge can judge Level 5 they must have undertaken two appointments at Level 4.


Before judging Level 6 a judge must have carried out two appointments at Level 5.


Judges must ensure that they have scribed at every level they intend to judge.


A judge may not judge more than 50 dogs per day. If the entry received exceeds 40, the class may be equally divided (to within one dog) by a draw and the class split into equal parts.


Judges at a Rally competition must not enter for competition a dog which is recorded in their sole ownership, or handle a dog, at the competition at which they are judging. A dog recorded in part ownership with the judge may be entered for competition in any part of a class other than the part which the judge is judging.