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We hope these FAQs will help to resolve some of the common queries that are asked about dog showing which we receive from Judges.

Q.   What is a critique and why does a judge need to supply a critique?

A.    A critique is a written report completed by the judge, where he/she will outline the relative virtues and weaknesses of the dogs they have judged at a show, and explaining why they have chosen one dog above another.  Exhibitors really want to see them as they want to know what a judge thought about their dog. They are published in Our Dogs, and are printed along with the results.

Q.   I haven't seen a copy of the critique for a show I entered - what should I do?

A.   Once the exhibitor has written to the Kennel Club, we will write to the judge and ask them for a copy of the critique. Once we have received it, we shall send a copy onto the exhibitor.  If a judge isn't able to send a critique we will warn them that they have to keep critiques in future.  If they fail to supply critiques after being warned the matter is referred to the SEC and they may be fined.

Q.   I had an appointment which stated no judging in a 70 mile radius.  I accepted another appoint unknowingly within 67 miles.  The Club withdrew the contract and replaced me without asking if I would withdraw from the other appointment.  Is this correct?

A.    The club was within its rights to withdraw you from the appointment; however it should have informed you in writing of its intention to do so.

Q.   My breed was stud book band E but has now moved to D. I accepted a judging appointment for the breed prior to this announcement can I still judge them even though I am not on the relevant list to do more than 3 classes.

A.    Yes you are still permitted to judge the classes as you were eligible for the appointment at the time of signing the contract.

Q.   I award CCs to one breed, is it permissible to judge the Group and AVNSC Classes at open show?

A.   Provided that you have previously awarded CCs to at least one breed and are currently eligible to do, then you are eligible to judge the above classes.

Q.   I am due to judge Boxers in the morning at a forthcoming show, however I also own Bullmastiffs which are being judged in the afternoon.  Can I exhibit my Bullmastiff at the show?

A.   No, it is not permissible to judge and exhibit at the same show, regardless of the breed.

Q.   Where can I find details of judging seminars?

A.   These are advertised in the Kennel Club Journal, Dog Press and also on our Training Seminars page. You may also wish to contact a member of the Education and Training Team (01296 318540 ext: 225).  If a judge cannot find anything going on in their area they can contact the trainer and to enquire about one-to-one training sessions.