Judges Education Programme Breed Shows FAQs

Questions for Breed Clubs/Councils

 Updated 30 April 2020



Will our breed club need to continue holding breed-specific assessments during the transition period?

Breed clubs should consider those that have nearly fulfilled the A3 criteria and those who wish to progress to CC status during the transition period. Breed clubs should hold hands-on assessments for those judges progressing down the ‘grandfathering’ or A2 routes to meet the demand within their breed. Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) assessments will all be run by the KC, to ensure that there is a standard approach.

We understand that breed clubs will be obliged to offer ‘supported entry’ classes at open shows. Please could you advise how this will be arranged? What made the Kennel Club decide to reintroduce this?

This is a move designed to enhance the open show scene and assist breed specialists especially to gain judging experience. Each breed club will be required to support classes for its breed at a minimum of two general or group open shows per year from 1 January 2021. It is hoped that the quality and quantity of exhibits at open shows will increase, especially as the breed club will have suggested the judges and promoted the classes to their membership. It is important that clubs do all they can to promote these shows and encourage members to enter. Breed clubs will have more influence over who judges their breed at general open shows through this. Breed clubs should be aware that sponsoring classes is not the same as having a supported entry show.

Judges who give CCs in 3 or more breeds may have only attended a breed seminar (no exam or hands-on under current requirements), is the attendance certificate given still acceptable?

The current KC policy for the approval of CC judges is that they need to attend a breed seminar and pass an assessment for their first 3 CC breeds only. The Kennel Club will take this into account when considering nominations to award CCs at a show. All certificates previously awarded are valid. Breed clubs will make their own decisions regarding their lists.

Level 5 judges can register at Level 2 for all breeds in that group, however they will then need to meet the Level 3 requirements for each individual breed. All other judges will need to attend a Breed Appreciation Day AND pass a Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam if they have not previously passed an exam/assessment.

Can two different Breed Appreciation Days takes place on the same day at the same venue with a morning and afternoon sessions at which candidates could attend both?

If clubs wish to venue share they can do so, however the events need to be separate and the timetable must allow sufficient time to cover both breeds fully and in-depth and provide for the Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam. It is recommended that breed clubs consider including a group mentoring session as part of the event, which might impact upon the practicality of combined events.

Going forward, what will the purpose of a breed club’s judges sub-committee be once Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) is fully implemented?

Breed clubs should continue to have a judges sub-committee through the transition period as they will still need to produce judging lists etc. It maybe that breeds feel they need a sub-committee to assist with the organisation of the Breed Appreciation Day or assist the Breed Education Co-ordinator with the pairing up of mentors and observers under Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows). 

 Questions about Breed Education Co-ordinators



How many Breed Education Co-ordinators (BECs) will each breed have?

One. This person will be chosen by the breed club/council or, in the case of breeds with more than one club, through a consensus of breed clubs. They will remain in the post until the breed club(s) appoints someone else. If a breed cannot agree the KC may become involved in the selection.

‘Assistants’ may be appointed if required.

What does a BEC role cover?

Full details about the role are available at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/jep

Will the BEC be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses?

It is reasonable for BECs to have their expenses paid. This is the responsibility of the breed club(s). We suggest breed clubs/councils put in place a system where all clubs contribute towards expenses/honorarium.

Questions for judges



What will it cost me to be a listed judge under the new system?

Access to the online system to be free of charge for all judges of all levels for the first 3 years. Judges will not be ‘licensed’, as previously announced.

I award CCs in a breed and understand that once the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) system is live I will be registered as a Level 4 judge. I also understand that when this happens I will be able to be registered as a Level 1 Judge for all breeds if I wish. However I have never completed any of the requirements for judges at Level 1 as these were put into place after I was approved to award CCs. If I want to progress for another breed at Level 2 onwards, do I have to complete all of the other Level 1/Level 2 requirements to do so?

As an existing CC judge, once registered at Level 4 for the relevant breed(s) you will be able to register at Level 1 for all other breeds you are interested in judging. You are not required to undertake any of the more generic Level 1/Level 2 requirements, existing CC judges are exempt from these, however you will need to meet the breed specific requirements (attend Breed Appreciation Day and take Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam ) 

Is it possible to be listed on the Find a Judge website as a judge at different levels all at the same time?

Yes. It is quite possible that you will be a CC judge (Level 4), say, in Afghan Hounds while at the same time you are a championship show gundog group judge (Level 5) and open show judge of Papillons (Level 2 or 3). Your account will show your status for each breed and this information will be reflected on Find A Judge on the KC website.

I am a CC judge but also on the B list for another breed, which level should I be on for each breed?

Level 4 for the CC breed and you may be able to register as Level 2 for the other breed provided you meet the new requirements. You will be able to judge the B list breed during the transition stage, although it is advisable to register as a Level 2 as soon as the online facility is available, as this information will be available to show secretaries.

I attended a judging seminar a few years ago but cannot find my certificate to prove that I took the exam and passed. What should I do?

It is absolutely essential that proof of seminar attendance and exams undertaken is provided as these will need to be uploaded into the new system, and would be worth contacting the host club. If you cannot provide this, you will need to go to another seminar and take the relevant exam again.

Regarding the requirement for Aspiring Judges to undertake stewarding, how does that work?

As long as you have stewarded for 2 FULL days at shows, you will be meeting the Level 1 requirement. It is not enough to steward for part of a day – you must steward for the FULL day and provide proof that you have done this. A full day is from the start to the conclusion of all judging in that ring.

To meet Level 3 requirements you will need to have stewarded for 12 days. There is a film on stewarding available on the KC Academy and stewards are required to view this.

Can I take the Multiple Choice Exam at a Breed Appreciation Day if I have not yet attended the basic Kennel Club seminars or stewarded?

You must have completed all the Level 1 requirements before being able to attempt a Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam held with a Breed Appreciation Day.

As my breed does not have CC status, what is the highest level I can be registered at for Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)?

Level 4. You need to ensure you follow the same requirements as CC breeds for each stage of Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows). There will be no distinction.

Will variety breeds (ie Dachshunds and Poodles) count as one breed when counting the 30% of breeds required to judge the group?

Yes, they will.

What evidence will be acceptable for proof of 5 years involvement before judging is permitted?


Evidence can include, but is not restricted to: catalogues, club membership receipts, receipt of dogs purchased, club minutes, stewarding records.

I am a judge who is registered at Level 4 for a non-CC breed, can I judge Not Separately Classified, AV classes, Groups and Best in Show at Open Shows?

Yes you can, it may also allow you to judge that breed abroad, subject to the rules of the local Kennel Club.

I am currently on a breed club A3 judging list. When can I make use of the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) 'grandfather' rights?

Judges will only be able to self-submit a questionnaire after 1 January 2021.

Will there be any change in criteria for judging BIS, Groups or AV classes at open shows?

No, the requirement stays the same. Under Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) judges must be Level 4 for at least one breed.


 Questions for show organisers



Kennel Club F regulations for the two systems will eventually be run alongside each other. Does this mean judges can be invited on either system?

Yes, the two systems will run alongside each other and judges can decide which system to judge under. Shows can invite using either.

What wording does the Kennel Club advise including in judging contracts for shows?

The Kennel Club advises using the wording as follows: “In accepting this appointment I confirm that I comply with the requirements of the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) or Kennel Club Regulation F(1)20b”.

Do we need to consult the breed clubs about judges appointed for ‘supported entry classes’ at our show or is it solely up to the general society?

The Kennel Club very much wishes to encourage general societies and breed clubs to work together. It will be to your mutual benefit to encourage a larger entry for the judge to go over, thus contributing to their education while at the same time increasing competition which will enhance the overall experience for the exhibitor. The supporting breed club will submit two names as possible judges, if neither is available you will need to go back to the breed club for two more names.

Who can judge classes of a breed prior to the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) online system being available?


From 1 January 2021, no one can judge unless they meet the new Level 1 requirements.

The exception to this is where a valid contract is in place prior to 24 February 2020, when this announcement was made, providing the appointment complies with Kennel Club Regulation F(1)20.b

To be able to judge more than 3 classes of a breed (4 if one is a Puppy) or 5(6) for Band E breeds at any show or any number of classes at a Championship Show without CCs a judge must be listed on a breed club/council B list or above.

Judging contracts signed before 21 May 2019 (the date Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)was placed on hold) stating that a judge has met Level 2 requirements will be honoured. For contracts signed after this date judges must be listed on the relevant breed club/council B list or above.

It is strongly recommended that breed clubs/councils list those judges who have met Level 2 criteria on their B list.

A full list of judge eligibility can be found at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/jep.  



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