Student Judges FAQs

 Updated 10/04/2018 



What was the reasoning behind student judges? Is this successfully completed in any other countries?

The student judge system at dog shows works very well in other countries. It enables the student to see judges from the perspective of a judge and gain an insight into the thought processes involved in placing a class.

Will allowances for time be made for student judges?

It is not necessary for the student judge to go over every dog. The mentoring judge is in charge of the ring and will need to ensure judging progresses at a timely rate.

Is every society obliged to have a student judge at their show?

No, they may refuse if they wish. It will only happen with the agreement of judge and society.

How are student judge appointments co-ordinated?

The BEC will ask the society if they are happy for a student judge to work with a mentor judge at their show. The approach to both judge and society must be via the BEC.

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