Mentors FAQs

 Updated 10/04/2018 



How will mentors be chosen? Will there be a description of their duties available?

Through the BEC, breed clubs will compile a list of suitable people for their breed. There will be a role description for mentors and full guidance provided. Every breed should have a list of mentors.

What format will the mentoring session take?

Mentoring may take place in 4 different scenarios:

1. Group mentoring with a hands-on element, organised by a breed club

2. One to one at the ringside

3. While mentee judges Special Award classes at breed club show

4. As a student judge in the ring with mentor/judge at CC show.


Please refer to Kennel Club guidelines regarding the various mentoring sessions at


It is recommended that if scenarios 3 and 4 are undertaken, it should be after a successful one to one or group mentoring session to give the mentee experience before placing them in a judging role, unless they are already an experienced judge

Scenario 1 may only form one of the three mentoring sessions.

Will there be an evaluation form for the mentee?

There will be a feedback form the mentee can complete and return to the Breed Education Co-ordinator.

How will the mentor report on the outcome of the mentoring session?

The mentor will be asked to complete an evaluation form regarding the outcome of the mentoring session. For the mentoring opportunity to ‘count’ it will need to be a positive outcome for the mentee. The mentor will share this with the mentee and provide feedback

To whom will it fall to provide the mentor’s expenses?

Any expenses paid to mentors will be responsibility of the breed club. However mentors and mentees should be paired up in a sensible way geographically to avoid the need for costly travel.

Will mentors be permitted to exhibit and mentor at the same show?

Yes, it is permissible. A sensible approach needs to be taken as the mentoring conducted at shows should be for a meaningful length of time. They cannot talk about a class they are exhibiting in.

If there are not enough mentors for a breed with large or small numbers, will there be a Kennel Club appointed mentor?

It is up to breed clubs to ensure they appoint sufficient mentors to meet the needs of their breed and ensure they have new judges coming through.

How will the Breed Education Co-ordinator match judges with mentors?

It is likely that most mentoring sessions will take place at breed club shows and there are usually potential mentors present at these events. The BEC can take geography into account; for example, if attending the Scottish club show it would not be sensible to ask someone from Sussex to make a special trip. There will also be mentoring days organised by clubs where, as far as possible, a number of mentors will be available with whom candidates can interact. Mentees and mentors will be asked to give their ‘availability’ to the BEC.

The BEC must arrange the sessions, mentees must not approach potential mentors and organise their own session.

Can a retired judge or one who is not a KC licenced judge act as a mentor?

Yes, this role does not require an individual to be a Kennel Club licenced judge, retired judges including those acting as the referee at a club show would make ideal mentors.

Can a mentor and/or their partner exhibit the breed they are mentoring for?

It is acceptable for a mentor or their partner to exhibit in the breed for which they are mentoring. Classes that the mentor and/or partner are exhibiting in should not be used for mentoring. The mentor must be able to give sufficient time to the mentoring task to make the session meaningful.

Will mentors receive training in soft skills?

Yes. The KC Education and Training team can provide guidance on this.

What process will be in place if mentees are not happy with the way in which they are being mentored?

The Kennel Club will take any complaints about mentors, clubs and their method of working, seriously and act accordingly.

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